5 Awesome Backyard Crafts – From Your Self-Storage Deals Team

Our team of self-storage deals experts at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks knows you’ve been spending more time at home lately. We’ve happily found the right-sized storage units at the best price for lots of new guests who’ve used their time to organize their homes and garages and needed extra space to store the things they love. So now that you’re all tidied up, we’ve curated some fun craft ideas to brighten up your backyard! Enjoy!

  1. Convertible Picnic Table and Bench – Sometimes it would be nice to have a couple of nice benches in your backyard for extra seating. Other times a picnic table would be so handy. Now you don’t have to choose!

2. Outdoor Candle Chandelier – Jazz up your covered patio, even if you don’t have electricity, with an outdoor candle chandelier. You can find nearly everything you need for this project at yard sales and the dollar store. It really provides a pop of color during the day and subtle illumination in the evening.

3.Teacup Bird Feeder – If you’re like us, you get a kick out of seeing our little feathered friends flitter in to get a nibble. This small teacup bird feeder is just perfect to entice a sweet little Swallow or Robin to pay you a visit.

4. Transformed Tire Planter – At first glance, you’d probably not think this planter was made from a recycled tire, and that’s the point! We love it when old items are put to good use like this. It reminds us of our own Electronics Recycling program – it’s free for you, keeps items out of our landfills, and raises money for our scholarship program! But we digress…yes, this planter is simple to make and a cute addition to your backyard.

5. Patio Pavers – Turn the stone steps leading to your hot tub or playground into something that will delight the eye. Use a stencil from Royal Designs Studio and you can create intricate designs that look like they were hand painted by a professional artist!

We hope you’re inspired; just imagine the transformation after you’ve completed a few of these. And staying home, relaxing in your newly beautified backyard will be a treat!