Top 4 Dog-Friendly Hikes from Newbury Park Storage Experts

The Fall season has officially arrived! If you’re like us, Autumn is the perfect time to experience uncrowded parks, trails and canyons accompanied by your furry best friend in tow! So pack up! Our Newbury Park Storage Team is sharing some of our favorite dog-friendly walks & hikes in and around Ventura County.

Top 4 Dog-Friendly Things To Do

Ventura County

  • Los Robles Trail offers spectacular views. Leashed pups and their outdoorsy humans can explore any of the 25 miles of trails and Open Spaces. Our favorite is the Angel Vista Peak via the Rosewood Trail, just a short 3 ½ mile. You’ll find it accessible from Regal Oak Court, just off Lynn Rd. Bring a snack because you’ll be rewarded with a bench and picnic table at the Peak where you can see the entire Conejo Valley!
  • Harmon Canyon Preserve is Ventura’s first large-scale wilderness preserve. You’ll find free parking off McVittie Place and Foothill Rd in Ventura where the preserve trailhead begins. We love walking the first 1.5 miles with our leashed four-legged pals. Enjoy the hills and canyons that feature oak groves, wildflowers, downy grasses, and breathtaking vistas of the area’s mountain ranges and coastlines!


  • Ventura Botanical Gardens represents the five Mediterranean climate zones of the world through 20,000 planted low water flora. Plus, you’ll find the Chilean Soap Bark tree used in the development of the COVID vaccine! The gardens are Open Tuesday-Sunday, but you’ll want to visit with your pooch on Wednesday or Friday. Together you can walk along the path enjoying several lookout points. Entry is $7 for adults and is open to the public from 9 am-5 pm.

Santa Barbara County

  • Heading further north, the Douglas Family Preserve in Santa Barbara is a paradise for adventurous furry sidekicks. At just over a mile, this leisurely walk offers an off-leash dog area with plenty of trails to explore. This includes Arroyo Burro Beach (Henry’s Beach to locals) nearby where tail-waggers are allowed to run free! Bonus: Try a day when it’s windy and you’ll see amazing views of hang gliders just beyond the bluffs!

We’re always looking for fun places to take our pups, so stop by and let us know about your favorite outdoor activities with yours! And if this blog inspired you to adopt a new furry friend, you might want to dog-proof your home environment. Storing less-used items so they’re safe from Fido can give you peace of mind, even if it’s just for the short term. We can help you choose the right size Newbury Park storage unit at the Lowest Price-Guaranteed. Give us a call or visit seven days a week from 8:30 am to 6 pm.


Back to School Organization – Tips from your Self Storage Deals Experts

At Hollywood Storage Center in Thousand Oaks, it feels like Summer just started and yet store aisles that were once full of sunscreen and swimming gear are now stocked with pencils, notebooks, and folders.

Getting a new school year off to a fresh start may include new supplies but keeping materials clean and organized may not be a child’s favorite routine! Our Self Storage Deals Experts found some easy-to-implement solutions that are bound to help kids thrive throughout the school year and in life!

6 Ideas to Get You Started:

  1. Backpacks – It’s helpful for everyone if these are the right size, cleaned out regularly, and easy to locate. Try creating a specific spot, so it’s easy to grab (or drop) and go. Hint: coat racks or wall hangers work well and can look great too!
  2. Labels – Beginning the year with everything labeled helps minimize confusion among friends in class. Using distinctive colors, fonts, and other personalized designs will make it easy for kids to spot their items, and it’s fun too!
  3. Homework Space – Take a look at your student’s homework area and set it up for success. For example, consider going vertical! Peg boards are perfect for keeping needed items just a short reach away. For smaller spaces, consider a moveable cart that can turn any area into a schoolwork zone. Don’t forget to get the kids involved too! Let their personal sense of style shine!

4. Family Calendar – Regular check-ins to update the calendar will help you and the littles avoid schedule conflicts.  Apps are easy to share and are mobile, but a chalkboard, whiteboard, or even a homemade calendar hanging in the house may work just as well and grab everyone’s attention.

5. Storage SystemIt seems like each year more and more important papers and projects make their way home from school. Get your little van Gogh or Einstein involved to help sort and categorize, then decide where each type of item goes. Be creative! A large pizza box could be the perfect place to keep art projects, or you might even want to store some of these treasures digitally! We love this idea from the Keepy app. Bonus: You can always hold onto the originals in a secure climate-controlled storage unit right here at Hollywood Storage!  

6. Pinterest – There are so many great ways to help kids establish positive organizational habits. Pinterest boards are perfect for inspiration. Here’s one we found from The Modern Nest that’s filled with tips on everything from lockers to lunch.

When it comes to starting a new grade, small organizational solutions support a positive school year for children. And when you’re starting fresh with a remodel or reorganization of your home, our Thousand Oaks self-storage deals experts are here to help. With 50+ storage unit sizes, we’ve got a Place for the Things You Love at the Lowest Price-Guaranteed.

Meet the 2021 Scholarship Winners – Hollywood Storage Thousand Oaks

It’s a very exciting time of year as we prepare to send our children back to see old friends, to new schools, or to travel away to college. Here at Hollywood Storage in Thousand Oaks, we’re proud to celebrate this special transition by announcing the recipients of our 6th annual community scholarships.

Each year, we award a scholarship to a graduating senior from Newbury Park High School and Thousand Oaks High School.

2021 Hollywood Storage Center Scholarship Winners

Environmental Scientist Scholarship – NPHS

The recipient of the Hollywood Storage Environmental Scientist Scholarship is Aidan Purcell. This $2,000 award, which is funded with the proceeds from our Free Electronics Recycling program, goes to a student who is pursuing a career in Environmental Science and has also shown a commitment to an environmental project or cause. Aidan’s passion for animals and life on this planet is what drives him. He’s been volunteering as a counselor in training (CIT) for the day camp at the Moorpark College Zoo for five years. He has focused his studies on dinosaurs, hoping to lead the forefront of biological and paleontological research. He will be majoring in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley this fall.

Entrepreneur Scholarship – TOHS

The Hollywood Storage Center Entrepreneurship Scholarship of $2,500 was awarded to Aiden Saint. Aiden completed both the Business Majors Program at TOHS and a Worldwide Technology Internship. He also held leadership roles in clubs (VP of Model U.N.), athletics (basketball and volleyball), and ASB, as well as volunteering with Casa Pacifica and Coastal Cleanup. Aiden will be attending Baylor University, majoring in business management/marketing, with the eventual goal of starting his own business in the Conejo Valley. He said he has come to realize the great value that small businesses bring to the table, and he hopes to build a company that will help support our local economy.

As a locally owned and operated business, we are pleased to be able to support these fine young men as they head into their college careers. And of course, we’re always proud to serve our entire community with the Lowest Price – Guaranteed on self storage units in Thousand Oaks.

To learn more information about the annual scholarships given by Hollywood Storage Center in Newbury Park, email

The “Cloffice” Make Small Spaces More Productive in 6 Easy Steps — From Your Self-Storage Deals Experts

Over the last crazy year, home and work have become the same place for many more of us. But, it’s been tough for some to create an ideal space to be productive. Here at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks, our self-storage deals experts have seen many creative Guests repurpose closets or unused spaces under the stairs into their own high-powered headquarters. Turns out, this is a trend that might just stick around for a while!


Using small spaces in your home (or even the backyard – think about the shed!) for multiple functions is definitely popular these days and can give you just the sanctuary you need to tackle your work, homework, or other projects. Try searching the term #cloffice on Pinterest or Instagram, and a world will open up to you! No two are exactly alike and that is OK!

Old Nook, New Look in 6 Easy Steps:

  1. Claim your zone. Choose your space and make it your own. If possible, add a door or screen both for privacy and to be able to close it when you wrap up your day.
  2. Keep things handy. Gather the essential items you’ll need to use in your space. Mix and match different sorts of containers and/or shelving that will help you keep it easy to find within reach. Vertical space can be managed well with peg boards or hooks.
  3. Personalize it! Use a favorite paint color and post an inspirational quote. Or keep a framed photo or a plant in sight.
  4. Find a good chair. Especially if you will be working here, make sure you have proper support.
  5. Let there be light! Keeping it bright is good for your eyes and your spirit. Consider updating an existing ceiling light or adding lamps or fixtures.
  6. Do more. The cloffice isn’t just for working or paying the bills. It can also double as a fun spot for crafting, kids’ projects, etc. By all means, if it fits, go for it!

Finding space for your cloffice might mean moving out items that you don’t want to toss. Visit Hollywood Storage Center and we’ll help you handle it in stride with a storage unit at the Lowest Price-Guaranteed. With more than 50 sizes to choose from, we’re happy to help find the right size for you to keep all the Things You Love!