Heartfelt Valentine’s Ideas from Self Storage Thousand Oaks

Romantic Valentine picnic

The most valuable gifts don’t always come from a store. Gifts from the heart not only let someone know you’re thinking of them, but they also show the care and appreciation you feel.  And since there’s no better way to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day than with something unique, we know you can’t wait to get started! Our team of self storage Thousand Oaks Cupids…err Experts rounded up some of their favorite ideas to create heartfelt Valentine gifts that are sure to brighten your significant other’s day.

Make a Video

Be your own content creator and shoot a video illustrating all the reasons why your person is awesome!  How cool is that? You get to write your own script, plan for props, and finally perform! You can be fun and playful, or loving and romantic. Or just mix them all up into one amazing top 10 list about your Valentine! And if you want to share your love with the world, just go ahead and post your flick on social media!

Go Paint Something

We love a good paint and sip, and here’s a great new take. Try painting pottery! At Color Me Mine there’s plenty of ceramics to choose from. Make a reservation for two, pick a piece for each other, and enjoy working on your special gifts together. After a week, you’ll get to pick up your glazed and fired works of art. And the best part? You’ll relive that special night each time you look at your creations.

Write a Book About Them

Well, more like a notebook, but hear us out.  Pick up your favorite stationery or small journal and write down all the things you love about the person you want to celebrate. Share special memories you had together, tell a funny story or include a poem. Add photos, stickers or even your own sketches to give your creation a scrapbook feel. Nothing is more unique than your own words! Need help getting started? Check out this awesome option from Amazon.

Do Something Out of the Ordinary

You don’t need to go far, just break your routine. Consider booking a room at a local hotel or AirBNB. Or plan to spend time together when you wouldn’t usually connect – maybe the afternoon or early evening. The options are endless! How about a picnic at a park, a short hike to a waterfall, or even horseback riding? We think Maliburiders offers a great way to enjoy a romantic afternoon for two!


If you’re like us and put your heart into every meal you prepare, Valentine’s Day is your time to shine! Taking the time to plan, cook, and create the perfect meal shows how much you care. And why not prepare the whole feast together? You could go for the hundreds of cozy recipes online or try a virtual cooking class. Love a challenge? Making California Rolls at home can be a really fun thing to do with your favorite person.

Gifts from the heart show someone just how much they mean to you. And no matter what you decide to do, any act of appreciation is what really counts. We hope you’re inspired to create a unique Valentine for your significant other this year. If there’s a special activity you’d like to try at home but don’t have the space, our friendly self storage Thousand Oaks team is ready to help find the right price storage unit at the Lowest Price – Guaranteed!

Go Gnome for the Holidays From Self Storage Thousand Oaks

When the weather outside still feels like Summer it can be hard to believe the holidays are on their way. But, have no fear! Our Self Storage Thousand Oaks team discovered a silly DIY tree gnome to perk up your front porch and bring some fun to the neighborhood. The best part? With just a simple change of material, this must-try evergreen will welcome everyone to your ‘gnome’ no matter the time of year.

Front Porch Gnome Tree

To get started, round up these tools & materials:

  • 1-2 potted upright, triangular shrubs/trees (we love juniper!) Artificial or Live? You Decide!
  • 1-2 tall white kitchen trash bags
  • 1 roll of chicken wire (1” x 3 ft. or 1” x 4 ft.) depending on the size of your tree
  • Scissors
  • Handful of Batting
  • 1 piece pre-cut fabric of your choice to represent the gnome’s nose
  • 4” wide Ribbon of your choice
  • Roll of 1mm craft wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Safety gloves

Prepare Your Gnome

Create a cylinder of chicken wire around the pot and lower section of the tree.

Starting from the base, wrap the pot and about 3-4” of the evergreen with chicken wire, then trim with a wire cutter Wrap the edges of the chicken wire together with craft wire to connect and hold the cylinder together around the pot/tree

Make the Beard

In this step, cut long strips of the trash bag.

Grab the trash bag and cut off the sides, top and along the bottom seam to open it upThen, cut 1.5” – 2” wide stripsTake a strip and fold in half. Then loop it through the chicken wire

Continue looping to fill in the shape of the beard

Make sure to leave 4” at the Top of the chicken wire

Make the Hat Band

Take your ribbon and place it over the top edge of chicken wire to cover your strips, then secure with craft wire

Create the Nose

Take a handful of batting and wrap it in the square piece of fabric

Twist the ball closed with craft wire

Hint: the more imperfect and unusually rounded, the better! Afterall, a gnome’s nose is the silliest part!

Secure the nose to the tree with craft wire just between the ribbon and beginning of the strips


Top it off

Make a pom pom from the ribbon and secure to the top of the evergreen with craft wire.

Hint: To make a great gnome, it helps to gather some of the evergreen branches and twist them into a bunch at the top using your craft wire


Voila! Now you’re ready to show them off! Set them apart or together on your front porch.

Then, when it’s time to change holidays, simply swap out the ribbon and these silly guys are ready to welcome everyone ‘gnome’ no matter what time of year!


We love creating fun DIY projects. If you do too, but find your home is unable to accommodate the space to work on them, consider self storage in Thousand Oaks. We offer the first month free and the Lowest Price-Guaranteed in the Conejo Valley. Transferring items away from your home will allow you to spread out your DIY supplies so you can have more fun this holiday season!

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