Clean Out Your Pantry – Tips from Your Newbury Park Self-Storage Experts

With the New Year in full swing, getting serious about getting healthy is on a lot of minds in the Conejo Valley. Eating right is key, so we asked the Newbury Park Self-Storage experts at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks for some tips on cleaning out your pantry for a healthier 2018.

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3 Ways to Start Your New Year Right from Your Self-Storage Experts

We all know the drill. It’s the New Year, so we’re going to change everything. We’ll eat healthier, exercise more, and spend more time on our personal wellbeing. But taking on too much often results in giving up too quickly. Instead, the self-storage experts at Hollywood Storage Center in Thousand Oaks suggest selecting one or two attainable goals as your New Year’s resolutions and feeling good about accomplishing them. So, from their collective minds, here are their best three suggestions on how to start the New Year right.

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Conejo Valley Storage Company Offers Tips to Stay Active

There are so many awesome things about living in the Conejo Valley, and at Hollywood Storage Center in Conejo Valley, our storage consultants take advantage of them all. Our storage consultant Bobby spends most of his free time in the great outdoors, staying active and soaking up the California sunshine. Recently we spoke to him about some of the opportunities that exist in our area.  Continue reading

Get a Sparkling Clean Kitchen for the Holidays

Why is it at every holiday party, everyone hangs out in the kitchen? Regardless of how cool your deck or big-screen TV is, the likelihood is the majority of people will hang out in the kitchen for a fair portion of their time. So, a clean kitchen is a no-brainer! Let’s get our kitchens in order and proudly welcome the masses in! I’ll help you with these, fairly simple, suggestions. Continue reading