Affordable Pantry Hacks from Newbury Park Storage

No matter what size your pantry is, it could always use some great space-saving items to maintain organization. Rather than investing in expensive bins and baskets, our Newbury Park storage experts suggest reusing everyday items. Check out these five budget-friendly solutions to keep that pantry tidy!

Five Budget-Friendly Pantry Hacks

Repurpose Glass Jars

On the hunt to save money when buying glass jars? Consider saving those empty spaghetti sauce containers! We take the labels off, give them a good wash and place them in the pantry. They’re great for storing dried beans or even chocolate chips! Tip: We love them as drinking glasses, too!

Turn Wine Crates into Mobile Bins

Considering all the wine lovers in the Conejo Valley, you’re sure to have a few wine crates lying around. If not, any wooden crate will do. Then, head to a local hardware store and grab some caster wheels. Install to the bottom of the crate, then fill with bulky, heavy items such as canned goods. As a result, you’ve got a rolling crate that can utilize floor space and push/pull with ease.

Got Lids?

We love saving all those little Yoplait Oui Yogurt glass cups. They’re fun to reuse for homemade desserts, candles, or even a succulent pot. At the same time, our minds were blown when we learned that Yoplait sells special plastic lids for those cups! Now you’ve got the perfect covered container to store small amounts of pantry supplies.

Give Old Office Supplies a Second Chance

Before you toss those old magazine holders, consider taking them for another spin. One of our favorites is to lay them on their side to hold all the empty reusable water bottles. On the other hand, simply stand them up for the perfect place to store root vegetables.  Tip: Make sure onions and potatoes aren’t co-mingling!

Reuse Coffee Containers

Using Heavy-duty plastic coffee containers is a great option for quick and easy storage. Notably, many have built-in handles with tight-fitting lids, making them perfect for the pantry. Freshen them up with a pop of paint or wrap them in fancy paper. Chalkboard paint is another fun option that reduces the need for paper labels!

We hope this list inspires your next pantry project with a few quick, space-saving ideas to help maintain organization on a budget. And, if you’re also making an effort to clean out your home and garage this year and need extra storage, our friendly Newbury Park storage consultants are ready to help! We’re available every day from 8:30 am to 6 pm to offer you the Lowest-Price Guaranteed!

Top 4 Dog-Friendly Hikes from Newbury Park Storage Experts

The Fall season has officially arrived! If you’re like us, Autumn is the perfect time to experience uncrowded parks, trails and canyons accompanied by your furry best friend in tow! So pack up! Our Newbury Park Storage Team is sharing some of our favorite dog-friendly walks & hikes in and around Ventura County.

Top 4 Dog-Friendly Things To Do

Ventura County

  • Los Robles Trail offers spectacular views. Leashed pups and their outdoorsy humans can explore any of the 25 miles of trails and Open Spaces. Our favorite is the Angel Vista Peak via the Rosewood Trail, just a short 3 ½ mile. You’ll find it accessible from Regal Oak Court, just off Lynn Rd. Bring a snack because you’ll be rewarded with a bench and picnic table at the Peak where you can see the entire Conejo Valley!
  • Harmon Canyon Preserve is Ventura’s first large-scale wilderness preserve. You’ll find free parking off McVittie Place and Foothill Rd in Ventura where the preserve trailhead begins. We love walking the first 1.5 miles with our leashed four-legged pals. Enjoy the hills and canyons that feature oak groves, wildflowers, downy grasses, and breathtaking vistas of the area’s mountain ranges and coastlines!


  • Ventura Botanical Gardens represents the five Mediterranean climate zones of the world through 20,000 planted low water flora. Plus, you’ll find the Chilean Soap Bark tree used in the development of the COVID vaccine! The gardens are Open Tuesday-Sunday, but you’ll want to visit with your pooch on Wednesday or Friday. Together you can walk along the path enjoying several lookout points. Entry is $7 for adults and is open to the public from 9 am-5 pm.

Santa Barbara County

  • Heading further north, the Douglas Family Preserve in Santa Barbara is a paradise for adventurous furry sidekicks. At just over a mile, this leisurely walk offers an off-leash dog area with plenty of trails to explore. This includes Arroyo Burro Beach (Henry’s Beach to locals) nearby where tail-waggers are allowed to run free! Bonus: Try a day when it’s windy and you’ll see amazing views of hang gliders just beyond the bluffs!

We’re always looking for fun places to take our pups, so stop by and let us know about your favorite outdoor activities with yours! And if this blog inspired you to adopt a new furry friend, you might want to dog-proof your home environment. Storing less-used items so they’re safe from Fido can give you peace of mind, even if it’s just for the short term. We can help you choose the right size Newbury Park storage unit at the Lowest Price-Guaranteed. Give us a call or visit seven days a week from 8:30 am to 6 pm.


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