5 Storage Facility Packing & Stacking Tips From the Experts

Young couple carrying big cardboard box out of home. Moving items to storage.

You’ve found the perfect place to store your treasured items. Now, you can’t wait to bring everything over to your newly rented storage unit! To get you started, our friendly Thousand Oaks storage facility consultants have some advice. These tips will help you make the things you love storage-ready and easy to retrieve when you need them.

Here are the top five things to keep in mind as you pack your belongings at home and start organizing them inside your storage unit.

Packing for Storage


Label Everything

You can use the standard titles like “kitchen items,” “shirts,” etc… or spice things up a bit with descriptions such as “stuff from the bathroom”. Regardless of your label preferences, just make sure to give everything a name. You might think you’ll remember that the green tote on the very bottom meant summer clothes. But you could kick yourself later when you can’t remember if green meant Christmas decorations or swimsuits.

You don’t have to use a fancy label maker. Avery labels that you’d use for sending mail and packages work great for labeling boxes, bags, tubs and more. Trusty masking tape and a Sharpie work well too. Paint it, stencil it, carve it with scissors… just label it.

Wall with boxes labeled and ready for storage

Use Your Drawers!

No, not THOSE kinds… the drawers in your furniture. Drawers make excellent storage spaces for smaller items or even oddly shaped pieces that don’t fit in other boxes. Remember to label these drawers as well. This way, you don’t have to go through everything to find that the pink pelican swimsuit you were looking for was in that green tote instead.

Get the Right Packing Materials

The right packing materials make all the difference in protecting your belongings during transport to your storage unit and for stacking once you’re there. Consider using sturdy boxes or plastic tubs to pack your dishes. Bubble wrap is excellent to keep items from moving around inside the container, but you can also wrap in newspaper, packing paper, or even towels.

Young couple moving out of the apartment and wrapping up the sofa.

Furniture and large appliances can also be bubble-wrapped, or you can use shrink-wrap for additional protection. If you don’t have time for that, some big blankets work well to cover pieces before you stack other items on top.


Stacking in Storage


Go High & Leave a Path

To make the most of the 10-foot height in your storage unit, adding a shelving unit may be a great option. So is setting furniture on its side and using interlocking tubs to safely stack higher. We also recommend bringing a step stool to extend your reach. This is useful both when stacking your unit and later when grabbing a few things here and there. Be sure to leave yourself an aisle as well. This makes it easier to navigate your storage unit. Like when you need to remove or return your tailgating supplies or that autographed book you wanted to show Aunt Mary.

Heavy Things on Bottom

From books to bowling balls, start stacking with the heaviest, widest items on the floor and then move your way up with lighter and smaller things. We know, it’s tempting to throw just about anything on top of a box of bedding. But trust us, it will be much easier to get what you need later (and avoid shouting “timber”) if you keep the weightier stuff on the bottom. Bonus: You can make this quicker if you label and sort your boxes into heavy and light piles before you start organizing your unit.


A Few Last Tips

A little bit of extra time now will save time later. Clean your items before packing them. Take the batteries out of everything so you don’t find crusty clumps of acid down the road. As you pack your boxes, create a simple inventory list. Or even draw a quick map of where things are situated in your storage unit. These will save you from rummaging through the house or all the boxes in your storage unit when you need the crystal candlesticks and holiday gnomes. Finally, check out more handy ideas here.


We hope that these simple tips will make moving your belongings into your storage unit easy and finding your way around your unit a breeze.

When you’re looking for a Thousand Oaks storage facility, and for a truly smooth experience, be sure to check out Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks on Old Conejo Rd in Newbury Park, CA. We’re the only storage facility that offers more than 50 sizes and the lowest price – guaranteed. Call or swing by 7 days a week from 8:30 am to 6 pm and talk to us about units for every need: home, business, safety deposits, wine storage, vaults, and climate-controlled units, too.

We’ll make it easy, so you can get on with your next adventure!


5 Ways to Get Active This Spring in Thousand Oaks

Spring has sprung! After this unusually rainy winter, it’s time to step outside the house and get moving. If you’re searching for a new physical activity but are unsure what to do, you’re in luck!

Our storage consultants are longtime residents of the Conejo Valley. They have tried all kinds of fitness activities in the area. The best they’ve found are those that allow you to soak up the sunshine while spending time with friends.

In hopes of inspiring you as you start your fitness journey, we asked our self-storage Thousand Oaks team to share some of their favorite sports and fitness activities that you can do locally!

colorful action image of two couples playing pickleball in a mixed doubles match

Give Pickleball a Chance

You’ve probably heard of pickleball, but if you’re unfamiliar, it’s sort of cross between tennis and ping pong. Not only does it provide an excellent workout, but it’s also incredibly enjoyable and easy to learn! The pickleball community is very welcoming to newcomers. You’ll see players of all ages on the courts. Plus, there are plenty of places in Thousand Oaks where you can play.

From local parks to dedicated pickleball courts at fitness centers like JAG Fitness Center & Spa or Lifetime Athletic Club – Moorpark, there’s sure to be something nearby that suits your needs. So why not give it a try? With its fast-paced action and social atmosphere, pickleball may soon become one of your favorite activities!

Try Running in Town

If you’d prefer an activity you can do anytime, running is a great option. You can do it anywhere and there are lots of places to run in Thousand Oaks. For an urban running experience, check out Thousand Oaks Boulevard Trail. This popular 2-mile-long path follows the city boulevard and is a great way to explore our stunning town without having to worry about traffic or congestion.

The path has numerous stops along its route including parks, playgrounds, and water fountains. So, it’s an ideal spot for beginners who want an easy run with pleasant distractions along the way. Make this adventure even more fun by inviting loved ones to cheer you on, run by your side, or even join in a friendly competition.

Enjoying nature together

Enjoy the Scenery While Hiking

Prefer the sights of nature over cityscapes? Meet with your walking buddies and head for the hills. From the easy and scenic Conejo Valley Trail to more challenging paths such as Los Robles Trail, there are plenty of routes for hikers of all levels and interests.

For those looking for something that has it all, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area features numerous trails. They span from Thousand Oaks to Malibu. One of many great examples in the area is the Backbone Trail. It offers breathtaking views and challenging ascents for more experienced hikers.

With so many great options close by, Thousand Oaks is the perfect destination for outdoor adventurers!

Go Cycling and Make Friends

Want to get off your feet? Cycling is an excellent form of exercise. It’s low-impact and allows you to get your heart rate up without putting too much strain on your joints. Cycling is also a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness, as well as burn calories while getting some fresh air.

If you get really into it and crave more social interaction, you could join a club like the Conejo Valley Cyclists. Their group rides are a great way to meet new friends and even get tips to improve your riding skills.

A man teeing off as his friends watch him hit on a beautiful day at the golf course.

Golf, Friends, and Views

Another social sport we love is golf. Beginner or an experienced player, you’ll find the perfect course for your skill level in Thousand Oaks. For those wanting to play close by, Rustic Canyon Golf Course offers challenging yet fun holes with stunning views of nature and the surrounding hillsides.

For more experienced players seeking a challenge, Los Robles Greens Golf Course provides 18 championship-level holes plus practice facilities and lessons from PGA professionals. Finally, Westlake Village Golf Course offers spectacular mountain views while providing an enjoyable round on their nicely maintained course. All three courses offer excellent amenities as well as discounts for seniors and juniors.

From golfing on one of the many nearby courses, playing pickleball at the city courts, running or hiking along scenic trails, or cycling through parks and gardens – there’s so many ways to get out there, move your body, connect with old friends, make new ones, and feel great! If you get extra gung-ho and run out of space to store all your new sports and fitness equipment, we’re here to help.

Our self-storage Thousand Oaks facility has over 50-unit sizes with customizable add on options like shelving and in-unit electricity. Whether you need a small closet for a few pieces of gear or a storage room for everything from kites to kayaks, we’ve got the right space for the things you love at the lowest price – guaranteed.

Got questions? Stop by or give us a call from 8:30 am to 6 pm, seven days a week. Our friendly storage consultants are here to help.

Thanks for reading and we hope you go out and try a new way to have fun and stay active!

Beneficial Hobbies from Self Storage Thousand Oaks

Research shows that having a hobby can improve our overall well-being. That’s right! Hobbies that involve imagination, art, music, or something hands-on, not only benefit our mental and physical health they can also help us be even more productive at work.

That’s because all those hobbies require some amount of focus and brainpower. They give you the opportunity to try something new, and to spend more time on the things you enjoy. That’s why our self storage Thousand Oaks team is helping you discover our favorite healthy hobbies!

Play with Clay

No matter which material you choose to work with, sculpting gets you to think in three dimensions. With so much time spent on screens, this can be a great exercise for your brain!  We suggest starting with a medium such as clay.

This soft material is very forgiving because it can be molded and shaped any way you want to create something awesome. Try a class at Clay Studio + Gallery in Thousand Oaks or grab a bag of clay and some tools from Amazon. As a result, you’ll find that by working with organic materials, your stress will decrease, and your creativity and imagination will thrive!

woman sculpts clay

Grab Your Camera

Anyone can learn to be a great photographer. Start by taking a photo of the same object each day. What differences do you notice? Learning to look at the world from different angles can train you to be more perceptive. Plus, you’ll get to create awesome digital memories along the way. And if you feel especially proud of some of the images you take, try selling them on Shutterstock!


Work with Wood

Try building or carving something from wood! It doesn’t need to be complex. Just taking the time to think of a design and gather the right materials will get you to flex your noggin. For beginner projects, we love scavenging discarded wooden stumps. They make great side tables, Tic-Tac-Toe gameboard tops, bird feeders, or even stools to rest your feet!

Woman sands tree stump

Join a Sports League

Playing a sport you love, or trying one for the first time, helps burn off stress. This is especially true when you want to disconnect from a tough day. Why? Because sports can boost morale and motivate team-building both on and off the field. If you’re up for the challenge, check out our local recreation leagues, or start a Pickleball squad with your friends or co-workers!

Volunteer Your Time

We’re big on spending time in service of others. There are many ways to help without investing a massive amount of time. We like the idea of combining two hobbies: like to read? love animals? Then help at a local animal shelter and read aloud to lonely pets! Not only does volunteering make the community a better place, but it also promotes your own happiness and wellbeing too!

woman gives box of clothes 

We hope these ideas inspire you to spend more time on a hobby. Not only will it improve brain performance it will make you feel proud and fulfilled. What unique hobbies do you love? Let us know next time you stop by! And, if renting a storage unit can support you get started, we’d love to help. We offer the Lowest Price – Guaranteed on self storage Thousand Oaks.

Low-Cost Home Projects from Self Storage Thousand Oaks

Man with drill woman with brush

Has the high cost of construction been keeping you from updating your home? We get it. Home makeovers can carry a hefty price tag, and the building materials shortage during the pandemic has made this statement even more true. But, if you ask us, there are plenty of smaller projects you can tackle that won’t break your bank or take months to complete. That’s why our self storage thousand oaks team is sharing five ways you can refresh your home in just one weekend!

Handle the Knobs

Okay, so you can’t afford a full kitchen renovation. An easy and more budget-friendly option is to update the cabinet hardware. It’s a great way to give the room a fresher look and feel.

Before you head to the hardware store, figure out what will complement the space. For kitchen cupboards, knobs work best, while handles are better for drawers. Then consider the style and finish of your cabinets.  Are they traditional, modern, or transitional? Stained or painted? Perhaps you want something that will make a statement, something with a little personality. We think KnobDeco is a fun place to start! Then it’s as simple as unscrewing the old knobs and replacing them with the new ones!

Wall of cabinet knobs

Powerwash the Property

Cleaning the grime that builds up on your driveway, patios, or fencing can make a big difference to your home’s curb appeal.

Because you’ll be dealing with large surfaces, consider a pressurized power washer. It’s a great option to blast away all that dirt in record time! If you don’t already own this tool, your local home improvement store can help with a rental. Once you get started, if you find that using hot water alone isn’t cutting it, try mixing it with good ‘ol Dawn dish soap. Dawn is non-toxic AND biodegradable, so it’s tough on grease but gentle with the environment!

Man with pressure washer

Perk up the Front Door

We can’t think of a better way to give your home a brand-new look than by simply painting the exterior of your front door.

It won’t take more than a quart of paint as long as it’s just one door that’s already primed with a similar shade. If you’re completely changing the color, priming is a must! Collect a few swatches of glossy paint (best for doors and trim) and tape them to the front door to get an idea of what might work best.

Then when you’re ready to get started, tape off the doorknob, trim, or anything else you don’t want coated. Grab a foam roller and cover the door completely. If you’re feeling a little extra, you can install new house numbers while you’re at it!

New paint on front door

Install Outdoor Lighting

Updating the outside of your home, and not being able to see it at night is a bummer! Warm, outdoor lighting is the perfect way to get your home noticed and to provide additional safety! A classic option is to add sconces to the porch. We prefer wall or barn lights to illuminate pathways and key features of your home. Alternatively, you can use solar deck lights to spruce up your fencing or highlight a beautiful tree or flowerbed with these LED metal spotlights.

Home landscape lights

Update Light Switch Plates

Over time, all those light switch plates become discolored, scratched, and sometimes even painted over. If your home is vintage, it’s possible there are even some that are mismatched. This small improvement can add to the beauty and design consistency of your home and give it an updated look for less than $100! Get started with some of these fun designs and styles!

Light switch plates

We hope this list of weekend projects inspires you to take advantage of a lazy afternoon and give your home the updates it deserves. Whether you want to enhance your yard, decorate the exterior, or simply freshen up some architectural elements, you can easily do this on a limited budget. What ideas do you have for your home? Stop by and let us know. And, when you’re in need of self storage Thousand Oaks has the Lowest Price – Guaranteed! With more than 50 sizes to accommodate your needs, we make storing the things you love, a snap!