Green Living – Storage Unit Experts Provide Tips on Living Green at Home

Our team at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks loves living in the Conejo Valley and the surrounding areas. From Camarillo to Calabasas, the beauty of our region is truly breathtaking. One of the things our storage unit experts encourage to help maintain the health of our planet is green living. Every lifestyle decision we make has an impact on our world today and for future generations. There are lots of ways to set out on a path to living greener, so our team is providing some small ideas to help make big change!

Storage Unit Experts Share Green Living Tips

Stop Receiving Junk Mail – Just think about how many pieces of mail you receive that automatically get thrown out. It’s not just an annoyance, it’s a waste of our natural resources. Enjoy this article with details to help you greatly reduce what you’re currently receiving.

Give Up Bottled Water – When heading to the gym, you never want to forget to take water. But, there’s a better option than purchasing plastic water bottles that end up in our land fills.  With so many great eco-friendly water bottles, this is an easy way to go green.

Electronic Recycling

Recycle Your Electronics – Hollywood Storage Center offers free electronics recycling every day. Drop off anything that plugs in and we’ll handle it. Bonus: proceeds from the recycling program fund local college scholarships!

Conserve Water – There are lots of ways to use less water. One of our favorites is using a Shower Flower. This handy device collects shower water while you’re letting the water warm up. It can then be used to water plants, wash cars…you get the idea.

Think about Transportation – It might feel a little daunting when you think about getting around without fossil fuels, but there’s definitely room for some improvement for most of us. Consider getting around whenever possible on foot or on bike. Thousand Oaks and the other cities around the Conejo Valley have such great weather, it’s a treat!  Clean-burning, natural gas busses are also an option, and Thousand Oaks Transit has four routes serving TO, Newbury Park and the surrounding areas.

Use Natural Home Cleaners – We like Mrs Meyer’s products for their fresh scents, but they’re also free from harsh chemicals that hurt our environment. Plus, you can pick them up at Target in Newbury Park, Camarillo or Westlake Village. Or, make your own natural home cleaners and you’ll actually end up saving money too!

Skip Overly Packaged Products – Everything that’s thrown into landfills impacts our planet’s health. Do your best to select products that have as little packaging as possible.

Everything we do to live greener lives will lead to a healthier planet. This list is a great way to jump start your efforts! What other tips do you have to help us all living greener? Add your ideas below.

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