How to Use Leftover Paint – Tips from your Storage Unit Experts

Storage units are great for conveniently keeping things like furniture that you’re not currently using or holiday decorations that are cluttering up your closets. At Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks, we’re also considered to be some people’s “garage away from garage.” Imagine… you could have plenty of space for your cars while still having convenient access to other things you would typically keep there. For instance… leftover paint from your at-home painting project.

But even better than storing leftover paint, check out these ideas for creative ways to finish off the remains in the paint can. We’ve queried our guests from Calabasas to Camarillo, and these ideas rose to the top as our favorites.

Painted bookshelves

1. Add a splash of color to bookshelves – What a difference a coat of paint can make to the back wall of a bookshelf! Help your knick-knacks stand out by adding a contrasting color as a background.


Painted vases

2. Color coordinate some accessories – Pick up some clear glass vases or some acrylic bookends at your local thrift shop and paint them for a cheap and easy way to add color to any room!


3. Shades for your Staircase – You know how the backs of your wood stairs can scuff and typically are painted white? There’s really no reason they have to be white, and adding color to this area can help lessen any scuff marks. Plus, it just looks cool! Note: you don’t have to paint a rainbow, but you could!


Painted frames

4. Frames with some Flavor – Particularly if you have a collection of black and white photos to display, we love the idea of adding a little color to the frames that draws the eye.

5. Simple Color Splashes – There are tons of other small ways to add splashes of color to your home. Consider these:

a. Paint your light-switch plates – so simple and easy!

b. Add a new hue to your baseboards.

c. Paint the window frame or windowsill on a small bathroom window.

d. Paint the inside of drawers – though nobody but you may see it, it will make you happy.

There are tons of other ways to add some color to your home by using leftover paint and we’d love to hear your ideas! Share by leaving a reply below!

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