Self-Storage Team Shares Favorite Parks In and Near Thousand Oaks

After all the rain this winter, we at Hollywood Storage Center are looking forward to getting outside with our friends and families this spring! Everything is so green right now, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the nature that surrounds us. To kick off the spring season, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite parks in and near Thousand Oaks. Our self-storage consultants and Clean Team™ staff are all outdoor enthusiasts, so we queried them about parks they’d recommend to others in our beautiful community. Here are their top picks.

  1. Conejo Creek North Park – According to Dion, a member of the Hollywood Storage Center Clean Team™, Conejo Creek North Park is where he and his buddies most often gather. Some of the highlights are the .67 mile fitness trail, 11 BBQ grills and two volleyball courts. The park is made up of 44 acres and is a great choice for walking your dog or getting together for a game of soccer or baseball. Dion also mentioned, for families, there are two playgrounds and a lake for watching ducks or skipping stones. Conejo Creek Park is located at 1379 East Janss Road in Thousand Oaks.
  2. Bernice Bennett Park – Storage Consultant Lindsay chose to share a park that she thinks is ideal for parents with young children. Located at 31800 Village Center Road in Westlake Village, Bernice Bennett Park offers lots of open space and has a very nice playground for both toddlers and older kids, plus a well-maintained, lighted basketball court. Lindsay has enjoyed many outdoor concerts at this sweet neighborhood park and says it would be a great spot for a family picnic or kid’s birthday party.
  3. Gates Canyon Park – For a park that has it all, Storage Consultant Bobby suggests checking out one of his faves. Gates Canyon Park offers picnic areas with barbeques, a fitness course, children’s play area, basketball courts, tennis courts and an open grassy area. Surrounded by the Calabasas hills, the location itself is beautiful, and Bobby mentioned that the kids’ playground is fantastic and designed to be independently playable for children with disabilities. Gates Canyon Park is located at 25801 Thousand Oaks Blvd in Calabasas.
  4. Gardens of the World – Our general manager, Sandy, picked possibly the most
    Gardens of the World is one of our self storage team member’s favorite parks in Thousand Oaks.

    Self storage General Manager, Sandy, describes this Thousand Oaks park as the perfect tranquil spot to enjoy a book.

    beautiful park in Thousand Oaks. Located at 2001 Thousand Oaks Blvd, this feast for the eyes is less of a fitness and playground type of park and more of a place to relax and take in the beauty of the gardens. It’s made up of four unique gardens – Japanese, French, English and Italian – plus a mission courtyard and American bandstand replica that houses occasional concerts. Sandy suggests taking a book and enjoying the tranquility. Check the park’s open times before you go, as it doesn’t run on standard park hours.

We just love being part of this community and love that we can be part of the solution when residents are looking for storage options. Our facility is growing this spring, so now is a great time to contact us if you’re wanting to reserve a storage unit. Our team looks forward to working with you and hopes to see you out enjoying our amazing parks as well!

Thank you to Dion, Lindsay, Bobby and Sandy for their contributions to this blog. We’d love to hear about your favorite parks too and why you love them, so please feel free to comment.