Healthy Living with Indoor Plants – From Your Storage Unit Experts

We’re all aware that plants can brighten up a room’s decor. However, did you know that incorporating the greenery into your household and workspace can be beneficial both mentally and physically? And yes, those cute and trendy succulents count! Lisa, one of our storage unit experts, and our resident green thumb here at the Hollywood Storage Center in Thousand Oaks, recently shared some reasons why we all should consider buying our own indoor plants.

  1. Improves Air Quality

If you’re like most of the population and find yourself spending quite a lot of time indoors, placing a few plants here and there could drastically improve your air quality. Plants essentially are how we’re able to breathe. They consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, helping purify the surrounding environment. According to Lisa, just a few simple houseplants help remove harmful toxins and reduce dust levels from your indoor environment, and produce fresh oxygen in the air.


  1. Reduces Stress

Lisa also shared that plants can work wonders when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. These low-maintenance wonders of nature help disconnect your mind from whatever technological work-related task you’ve been stressing over. Taking just a few moments of your day to spend watering and caring for a plant is meditative, forcing you to take a break from your fast-paced lifestyle. Consider adding in some greenery to your indoor environment for a therapeutic and uplifting experience!


  1. Boosts Productivity and Focus

Been lacking concentration and feeling unproductive? Luckily for you, plants can help with that too! Indoor plants are proven to create a positive workspace by increasing productivity and overall happiness. As mentioned before, plants decrease stress and anxiety, which improves mental health and gives a sense of optimism. Surround yourself with the color green, and your creativity and inspiration will start to thrive!


  1. Reduces Background Noise

Jazz up your space with interior plants and experience less background noise! Yes, say goodbye to the irritable sounds of the busy outdoors (at least a little) and find yourself some tranquility with plants. Heavy traffic, high-pitched alarms, buzzing refrigerators, and loud power supplies tend to distract our concentration. We live in a loud world, and plants can help make it a bit more peaceful.

Sterling Gardens recomm

Sterling Gardens Nursery – House Plans and So Much More

Have we convinced you yet? If so, Lisa shared her favorite local shops to find the perfect greenery. She suggests checking out Sterling Gardens Nursery just outside of Thousand Oaks for an exquisite selection of plants. You’ll also love spending time in Sterling’s beautiful garden, complete with fountains and monogrammed hedges! Additionally, Armstrong Garden Center in Thousand Oaks is another great spot with a super knowledgeable staff to help you chose your perfect plant.

As you can probably tell, Lisa isn’t the only storage unit expert at Hollywood Storage Center who’s a big fan of indoor plants. We all recommend livening up your living space with some cute new green friends. However, we know that any addition to one’s household or workspace might make the area a little cramped. But, no need to worry. Store a few items at Hollywood Storage Center and make room for those much-needed plants.

We’d love to hear your tips for caring for indoor plants and please share your favorite resources for finding beautiful greenery for your home!