Thousand Oaks storage after death of a loved one

Death of a Loved One – Moments in Life When You Need a Storage Unit

When a loved one passes away the list of things that must be done can be overwhelming. During this time of mourning, sorting through his or her belongings can feel like a task that is just too emotionally charged to handle right away. However, financial circumstances sometimes call for the sale of the deceased’s home. Temporarily moving your loved one’s items into a storage unit can provide time to grieve while enabling the house to be placed on the market.

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The friendly storage consultants at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks often work with families in this situation, helping them find a storage unit that’s the perfect size to accommodate for their needs.

With items in a storage unit, the good news is you can take your time and determine what to do with the items one box at a time. Once you feel ready to sort through belongings, use these tips as your guide:

  1. Furniture first – Taking a look at the large pieces of furniture and determining if they will fit in your home, will be offered to another family member, will be held for longer in storage, or will be sold or donated is a good first step. Once some of the larger pieces are removed from the storage unit, you’ll have extra space to sort through what remains.
  2. Appropriate piles – Most items can be categorized by things we will keep ourselves, items being given to family or friends, items to be donated, items to be sold, and items that can be discarded. Use empty boxes that are properly labeled to sort items. When the box is full, deliver the items to the proper person and re-use the box to continue sorting.
  3. Consider photograph books – Some items are really hard to permanently part with, yet cannot be accommodated in your home. For some things, it could suffice to create a book of photos so you can retain the memory without actually keeping them.

Keep in mind that sorting through your loved one’s items doesn’t need to be a race. It’s not worth the stress or the emotional distress to rush.

The team at Hollywood Storage Center is here to help during this challenging time. We offer the Lowest Price – Guaranteed, so you will feel confident that you’re receiving a fair price on your storage unit. We also provide the use of a free moving truck with a driver when you move items into storage from a nearby location, so you won’t need to rent a vehicle. Though we don’t want to see anyone go through the pain of losing a loved one, you can rely on caring and patient service seven days a week in case you have a need for storage.