Wine Storage Near Thousand Oaks & Newbury Park

Wine storage for Newbury Park / Thousand Oaks residents

If you’re looking for wine storage, the temperature and humidity-controlled specialty wine units at Hollywood Storage Center are perfect to protect your investment. What makes our facility the right place for wine lovers and collectors? Consider this:

  • Our state-of-the-art construction minimizes vibrations
  • We accept deliveries on your behalf
  • We offer carts and load-in assistance
  • Our variety of wine storage unit sizes easily accommodates personal, restaurant, retail or winery collections
  • We’re open 7 days a week
  • Wine Storage Facts

    Hollywood Storage Center is proud to provide wine storage to businesses and wine enthusiasts. Our wine storage customers know that, over time, improper storage has a negative impact on wine’s flavor and bouquet. The effect may be subtle, or pronounced, but for wine lovers, storing their collections properly is worth the effort. Proper wine storage means:

    • No exposure to direct sunlight
    • Moderate temperatures
    • No temperature fluctuation of more than 5 degrees
    • An odor-free environment
    • Ideally, stored on their sides

    Perfect Wine Storage Temperatures

    What’s the perfect wine storage temperature? You want to keep it cool, but not too cool. We keep our wine storage at a crisp 52 to 59 degrees, checking twice daily to make sure these numbers are maintained.

    How Humidity Affects Wine Storage

    Controlling humidity in wine storage is important. If it’s too dry in the storage unit, the wine corks can begin to dry, and this can create problems with keeping an optimal seal on the bottle. We also check the humidity level of our wine storage twice a day in order to maintain humidity between 55 and 65 percent.



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