Climate Control Storage units in Newbury Park / Thousand Oaks area

Climate-Controlled Storage

When a constant temperature is needed to ensure the care of your stored items, many people request Hollywood Storage Center’s climate-controlled storage units.

Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

In the Conejo Valley, we’re fortunate not to have the extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity that are typical in other parts of the country. However, many storage renters still prefer climate control. Some work in the pharmaceutical industry and need climate control to store samples properly. We also work with people in the entertainment industry who have film or audio recordings that are temperature sensitive. Many people prefer to store their important paper files such as tax returns, warranties and other legal documents in a climate controlled space. Also, tenants who store artwork or antique furniture find peace of mind knowing their treasures are kept in a climate controlled environment.

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

  • Consistently comfortable for renters who visit their units often
  • Protected from extreme heat
  • Protected from extreme cold
  • Protected from humidity
  • Peace of mind for storing valuable or sentimental items
  • Peace of mind when storing items for long periods of time

How Humidity Affects Items in Storage

Humidity can cause wood to warp and leather goods to crack. The moisture in the air also may cause photos to stick together. While humidity is not a huge concern in our area, if you prefer a storage space that has regulated humidity, a climate-controlled storage unit may be right for you.

How Extreme Heat or Cold Affects Storage

Heat can melt or warp items such as candles, records, CDs and DVDs. It can be especially damaging to wine and can cause wood furniture to expand and crack. Extreme cold, which is not a true concern in our moderate climate, can put your belongings at risk of freezing.

Do you need climate controlled storage? That’s a personal choice. But rest assured, if you choose this option, Hollywood Storage Center has the perfect space to accommodate your needs.


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