The Many Benefits of Properly Storing Food – Inspiration from Your Self-Storage Deals Team

Wouldn’t it be great if whenever you’re ready to cook, you’d have all the ingredients you need at your fingertips? And, how nice would it be to cut way down on the food that you have to throw away? And, finally, who wouldn’t like to lower their overall food budget! The team of self-storage deals experts at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks have gathered some great ideas on food storage that will help you realize all three!

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Death of a Loved One – Moments in Life When You Need a Storage Unit

When a loved one passes away the list of things that must be done can be overwhelming. During this time of mourning, sorting through his or her belongings can feel like a task that is just too emotionally charged to handle right away. However, financial circumstances sometimes call for the sale of the deceased’s home. Temporarily moving your loved one’s items into a storage unit can provide time to grieve while enabling the house to be placed on the market.

Woman standing in front of grave

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Getting Married: Moments in Life When You Need Storage Units

When a couple comes together out of love and commits to honor and cherish each other for the rest of their lives, it’s a beautiful thing. But, after the wedding is over and your new life begins together, combining households can come with its fair share of stress. When the items from two households don’t quite fit into a single living space, consider relieving any tension by using a secure storage unit.

Couple with Boxes Needing a Storage Unit

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Boomerang Kids: Moments in Life When You Need Storage Units

You’ve raised your children and provided them with all the tools they need to be a self-sufficient adults. Still, circumstances may change and you may decide to allow an adult child to move back into your home. It’s certainly not uncommon. According to a CNBC article, 15 percent of 25- to 35-year-old millennials were living in their parents’ home as of 2016. To set both you and your child up for success, there are many factors to take into consideration. From finding a storage unit to planning a departure date, consider this your Boomerang success plan.

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