Storage Newbury Park shares tips for DIY gift wrapping.

Home Treasures: DIY Gift-Wrapping
Tips from Hollywood Storage!

Ho-ho-ho, festive crafters, and gift-giving enthusiasts! ‘Tis the season to spread joy and bring extra flair to your gift-giving with a touch of DIY style. If you’re searching for inspiration to make your presents truly shine, look no further! Our friendly team at storage in Newbury Park has some helpful tips to elevate your gift-wrapping game by using items available around your own home. Adding this personal touch not only makes your gifts uniquely special for the receiver but also contributes to an eco-friendly celebration. Get ready to turn your gifts into works of art!

Let the jingle of creativity begin!

Storage Newbury Park shares tips for DIY gift wrapping.

Raid Your Home for Hidden Treasures

Before shopping for new wrapping supplies, start by looking for goodies right in your own place. Your recycling bin and craft drawers are prime spots for hidden finds. Check your backyard for treasures like pinecones and leaves. Peek in every corner—your home is a goldmine of unique wrapping materials waiting to be found.

Here’s a checklist of handy items to consider:

  • Paper Material: Newspapers, magazines, and brown paper bags for wrapping.
  • Fabric Finds: Get creative using old scarves or unused clothing.
  • Earthly Elegance: Celebrate the outdoors with leaves, pinecones, or other natural finds.
  • String Style: Choose twine or baker’s twine to add a hint of simplicity.

very rustic country christmas image with man's hands wrapping christmas gift with brown paper and tying with baler twine with another gift wrapped in news paper with ginger bread story on it lying on a burlap background

Unleash Your Creative Flair: Beyond the Basics

With your materials ready, let’s dive into the joy of artistic expression. The possibilities are endless – from using your everyday newspaper to repurposing old shirts and scarves for a unique personal touch.

Elevated Gift-Wrapping Techniques:

Newspaper Transformation: Give new life to aging newspapers with stylish  and eco-friendly gift wrapping. Highlight the natural beauty of paper by folding it gracefully around your gift. Or take it up a notch by strategically showcasing elements like the crossword puzzle for an extra touch of fun.

Magazine Mosaic: Put your favorite magazines in the spotlight! Pick up fashion mags for your stylish friends or bring out classic magazines for those who love antique cars. Cosmo covers, with their touch of glamour, are perfect! Add personality to your gifts by crafting a vibrant collage with these magazine pages.

Bag Brilliance: Transform ordinary grocery bags into something extraordinary! Begin by cutting out the bottom of the bag. Then, cut along the sides all the way down until the bag is completely flattened. Now, you have a clean, blank brown canvas for your creative and sustainable gift wrapping.

Cloth Creations: Let your creativity flow with fabric. Repurpose old shirts and scarves into unique containers, adding both protection and character to your gifts. Explore various folding and tying techniques to achieve a personalized and thoughtful presentation.

Gift wrapped using cloth and everyday home items.

Adding the Final Touch: Creative Toppings for Your DIY Gifts

With the basics covered, let’s dive into the exciting part—the toppings that transform your gifts into mini works of art!

Nature’s Touch: Remember those treasures from your backyard? Now’s the moment to bring them into play. Lay a few leaves gently on top or tie a pinecone with a ribbon. The natural touch will infuse your gifts with a hint of the great outdoors, making each gift extra special.

String Symphony: Time to let those strings shine! Wrap twine or baker’s twine around your gifts, creating intricate patterns or charming bows. And don’t forget those ribbon scraps! Whether you’re braiding them or tying them in playful ways, these creative details will elevate your presents to a whole new level.

Using twine for an added rustic touch.

Gift Wrapping Tailored to Every Personality

Last-minute tip: Consider personality when choosing your DIY wrapping style.

Minimalist Marvel: Embrace simplicity by elevating your gift with a brown paper bag—a perfect choice for your friend who appreciates a clean, neutral look. Add a touch of elegance with a cute ribbon or ornament, keeping it effortlessly chic and classy.

Nature Lover’s Delight: Bring the beauty of the outdoors to your nature-loving friends. Incorporate earthy tones using a piece of cloth or an old green scarf. Add twine and natural elements like leaves or small branches for a delightful, nature-inspired touch.

Glamorous and Glitzy: Utilize shiny pages from magazines, opt for bold, metallic papers, and top it off with glittering ribbons or ornaments if your friend loves all things glamorous. Let the shine and shimmer add a touch of luxury to your holiday gift wrapping.

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We hope these creative DIY gift-wrapping tips add an extra dash of joy to your 2023 holiday season!

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