Back to School Clutter-Buster Tip from Hollywood Storage Center

The storage and organization experts at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks know that going back to school also means kids coming home with piles and piles of paper.

Where will you put the classroom rules the teacher sends home, the soccer team calendar, and all of the other timely pieces of paper that enter your home?

Here’s a decluttering tip we love! Establish a Command Center. A place to capture the bits and pieces of life that are happening right now and can’t be filed away just yet. It’s not a solution for permanent filing. Instead it’s a revolving display of miscellaneous documentation, a communication center for the goings on of life. Perfect for things like important telephone numbers, birthday party invitations, receipts for items needing to be returned, school papers with specific information on an upcoming event, bills to be paid, and so on.

Hollywood Storage Center Thousand Oaks helps reduce back to school clutter

Here’s a nice Command Center the whole family can use.

Once you’ve established a working Command Center as an organizational system, you’ll actually be happy to see the kids running into the room to show you their papers!

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