Thousand Oaks Storage Center’s Guide to Community Fourth of July Events 2023

Cute little girl holds American Flag

Summer is upon us. Soon, it will be time to wave that grand old flag and celebrate our nation’s independence! From backyard barbecues to fireworks, there are plenty of ways to enjoy tradition or mix things up and try something new. If you’re looking for an event nearby, our friendly Thousand Oaks storage consultants are…

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Self Storage Thousand Oaks Guide to Responsible e-Recycling

Expecting guests this summer? As you prepare for their arrival, you may be looking for ways to free up space in your home. Disposing of outdated electronics you no longer use may be a good way to start reclaiming some extra room. If you’re not sure what would be the most responsible way to toss…

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5 Storage Facility Packing & Stacking Tips From the Experts

You’ve found the perfect place to store your treasured items. Now, you can’t wait to bring everything over to your newly rented storage unit! To get you started, our friendly Thousand Oaks storage facility consultants have some advice. These tips will help you make the things you love storage-ready and easy to retrieve when you…

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5 Ways to Get Active This Spring in Thousand Oaks

Spring has sprung! After this unusually rainy winter, it’s time to step outside the house and get moving. If you’re searching for a new physical activity but are unsure what to do, you’re in luck! Our storage consultants are longtime residents of the Conejo Valley. They have tried all kinds of fitness activities in the…

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Santa Days Returning to Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks

Free photos with Santa at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks

Free Photos with Santa, Games, and Falling Snow He’s loaded up his sleigh and he’s on his way! That’s right, our dear Saint Nick is making a comeback for our annual Santa Days at Hollywood Storage Center. All are welcome to join in on the festive fun at this free event. It’s been a while…

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2022 Local Halloween Events – Thousand Oaks Storage

Children playing in costume at halloween party

Spooky season is here and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by joining in some local festivities? That’s why we your Thousand Oaks storage friends at Hollywood Storage Center are sharing a list of some of the most exciting upcoming 2022 Halloween Events in and around Thousand Oaks. Just keep reading…

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Beneficial Hobbies from Self Storage Thousand Oaks

beneficial hobby in Thousand Oaks, CA

Research shows that having a hobby can improve our overall well-being. That’s right! Hobbies that involve imagination, art, music, or something hands-on, not only benefit our mental and physical health they can also help us be even more productive at work. That’s because all those hobbies require some amount of focus and brainpower. They give…

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Low-Cost Home Projects from Self Storage Thousand Oaks

Has the high cost of construction been keeping you from updating your home? We get it. Home makeovers can carry a hefty price tag, and the building materials shortage during the pandemic has made this statement even more true. But, if you ask us, there are plenty of smaller projects you can tackle that won’t…

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Unusual Cleaning Hacks that Work from Newbury Park Storage

Attractive woman washing the kitchen top with detergent

When it comes to cleaning things around the house, we all tend to rely on standard commercial products, forgetting we may already have common household items in our home that can be turned into unconventional yet effective cleaning solutions. That’s why our Newbury Park Storage team is sharing some clever cleaning hacks to help make…

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Heartfelt Valentine’s Ideas from Self Storage Thousand Oaks

Our team of self storage Thousand Oaks Cupids…err Experts rounded up some of their favorite ideas to create heartfelt Valentine gifts that are sure to brighten your significant other’s day.

The most valuable gifts don’t always come from a store. Gifts from the heart not only let someone know you’re thinking of them, but they also show the care and appreciation you feel.  And since there’s no better way to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day than with something unique, we know you can’t wait…

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Freshen up your Fridge from Self Storage Thousand Oaks

There’s something deeply satisfying about opening the door of a picture-perfect fridge filled with nicely stacked and labeled containers. However, keeping a neat and orderly refrigerator can be challenging for busy families. That’s why our self storage Thousand Oaks team is sharing simple organization tips to keep your fridge tidy and the food inside fresh.…

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Getting Fit on a Budget in 2022 from Newbury Park Storage

Happy New Year! Are you hoping to get on track with some better health this year? No matter what your current lifestyle is like, there are plenty of ways to get started with your fitness resolutions. Our Newbury Park Storage team has gathered a variety of low-cost activities around the Conejo Valley that can make…

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