feng shui interior design

Feng Shui the Easy Way

By BobbyPHOTO_Bobby-Cropped
Hollywood Storage Center Storage Expert and Employee of the Month

We all own things we know we’ll use later but are currently crowding our space and maybe even giving us bad vibes. One of the things I appreciate about my job is seeing people breathe a sigh of relief when they get the storage unit they need to make their homes more comfortable and organized.

That’s what got me interested in the idea of feng shui, or should I say, feng shui light. The overall concept is great: to organize space to maximize positive energy, but I thought it might be too complicated and too, well, “out there” for my tastes.

feng shui interior design

Fortunately, I discovered some easy tips that really seem to change the vibe in the house and help us stay organized too.

• Keep Work and Rest Areas Separate:  Don’t put home office space in living or sleeping areas. You’ll be more relaxed overall and get a better night’s rest.

• Make Repairs Promptly: When the door latch is broken or the faucet stops working, positive energy is restricted. Fixing them allows it to flow freely again.

• Hang Mirrors: Mirrors reflect positive energy except when placed facing the front door.

• Display Plants, Flowers, and Fruit: Oranges and lemons are thought to bring good luck, and they give the house a pleasant smell too. Just avoid using anything with thorns.

• Install a Water Feature: This promotes feelings of relaxation and harmony.

• Stay Tidy and Organized: Cluttered rooms can result in cluttered thinking. Pack up items you can rotate or use later, mark your boxes clearly, and organize on shelves in your self storage unit for easy access.

• Fill the House with Proper Colors: Choose relaxing colors for living spaces and meaningful colors for desired areas. For example, green symbolizes nature and represents life and hope. Yellow is power, and red and purple are said to be lucky.

Here’s a great tool from Better Homes and Gardens to help you select colors for every room in your house. You’ll get color options for the ceiling, walls, and trim using a photo of your actual space!

Let us know here or on Facebook if these feng shui tips helped you or if you have more ideas to share. Thanks!