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Garage Organization for Father’s Day…And How Storage Units Make It Simpler

In May, we revealed what Moms really want for Mother’s Day. Spoiler alert: it’s a clean house. But, what about Dad? What do you think he would say if he opened the garage door to find what was previously chaos is now clean and organized? According to one of our favorite dads, Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks Clean Team™ member Mike, it would be most men’s dream come true. The good news is, if you already rent a storage unit, you’re half way there! If not, don’t fret. With Mike’s help, let’s explore how you can make it happen for Father’s Day!

View of the inside of an organized garage in Thousand Oaks


The biggest issue with our garages is that they tend to be a dumping ground for items we aren’t using right now and just want to get out of the house until we need them. Little by little, the space is overtaken and we’re parking in the driveway. Mike has helped many of his friends reclaim their garages by spending a day organizing. To be most efficient, he suggests renting a truck for a day so items that need to go to the dump or to a storage unit can be taken care of immediately. You may also want to stock up on boxes or bins; they’re sure to come in handy. And, if you don’t already have a storage unit, give us a call and check on available unit sizes.

First step, says Mike, is to move everything out of the garage to get a good look at what you have and the space you have to work with. Sort items into three categories:

  1. Items you want to keep and use on a monthly basis or more
  2. Items you want to keep but use less frequently than once a month
  3. Items you no longer need or want

Move the items from the second category into your truck. If you already have a storage unit, it’s time to make a visit. If you don’t, drop into Hollywood Storage Center, and we’ll get you set up with what you need.

Items from the third category can go to charity, can be picked up by your local disposal service (check for details and restrictions), or be taken to the dump. If the latter is the best option for you, be sure to check with your local landfill for free drop off days and any restrictions on accepted items. Remember, Hollywood Storage Center offers free responsible electronic recycling, so items such as computers and TVs that aren’t allowed at the landfill can be brought to us.

To tackle organizing the items you want to keep, sort into broad categories such as sports equipment and hand tools.  From Mike’s experience the most well organized garages have a minimal amount of items on the floor. Stores like Home Depot have tons of shelves and racks that can make a huge difference in how you utilize the space. A few tips:

  1. Designate areas in corners for bulky equipment, like your lawn mower
  2. Place frequently used items, like bikes and trash cans, close to the garage door
  3. Keep items used together, like yard tools, close to one another
  4. Don’t forget to use overhead space for any long flat items you don’t use every day

Is organizing your garage a simple task? No. Will Dad appreciate it? You better believe it! Hopefully, these steps will take the intimidation out of this organization project and inspire you to get your car back into your garage.

Thank you to Mike for sharing his organization skills with us for this blog. He’s one of the smiling faces our customers see when they visit Hollywood Storage Center and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Do you have any fresh ideas for organizing your garage? We’d love to hear them. Share them by leaving a reply in the form below.

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