Give Your Storage Unit a Makeover!

Hollywood Storage Center Thousand Oaks shelving

Let the experts at Hollywood Storage Center put in shelving for your new and improved storage unit.

So you finally put some of your belongings in storage but when you go to retrieve them you can’t find a thing. Yikes! The experts at Hollywood Storage Center Thousand Oaks would like to suggest you give your Newbury Park storage unit a simple makeover. We’re not talking hanging art work and laying down throw rugs! We mean set up your Conejo Valley storage space so you can use it efficiently.

Here’s how to start:

Hollywood Storage Center will put up shelving for you and then you can create aisles, just like a grocery store. Do you stop by your storage unit to pick up work supplies, like painting equipment or sales brochures? Place those front and center and put everything else behind it.

Think of how a grocery store is set up: all the important products you buy each week are way in the back and along the perimeter because they want you to pass other things you might buy along the way. In your storage unit, do the opposite. Bring forward the items you regularly retrieve from the storage facility and put Aunt Edith’s wedding dishes in the back… Unless, of course, you use those wedding dishes often for fancy dinner parties. Then, they should go on an easy-to-reach shelf so you can grab and go.

Before you know it, visiting your storage unit will be more like a an easy and convenient shopping trip.

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