Helpful Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

halloweenHoliday Season has begun! Halloween is almost here, Thanksgiving isn’t far behind, and the countdown is always on for Christmas and Hanukkah! All of these festive days and celebrations mean decorations, decorations, decorations. While we love turning our front yards into spooky cemeteries  and pumpkin patches, doesn’t it always seem like when it’s time to pack everything up, we have more to put away than when we started?

Our Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks Consultants have gathered some helpful storage tips and tricks to make decorating for any Holiday easy as pumpkin pie!

  • For different holidays, color code your bins. Red for Christmas, Orange for Halloween and so on. And store colored bins together! After color coding, you can take the time to label each box more specifically. No one wants the surprise of finding a Halloween spider in a Christmas bin.
  • Before putting anything away in bins or storage totes, organize your holiday decorations and labels: fragile, lights, outside decorations, inside decorations, mantle pieces, etc, but try to think specifics. Are you going to recall what “knicknacks” refers to a year from now?
  • holiday lightsGet rid of things that don’t work. If that string of Christmas lights didn’t work this year, it’s not going to work next year.
  • If you have decorations you never use, donate them or sell them in a garage sale. Or, if you prefer to keep them for special occasions or sentimental value, these are the perfect items to keep in your low cost storage unit.
  • If you have cloth decorations like towels or washcloths that you’d typically fold up, use them, instead of bubble wrap, to wrap your more delicate items.
  • storage binsIf you don’t feel like being too detailed with each bin label, you can number the bins, and then create a Decoration Inventory List that indicates what items are in each numbered bin. Just don’t lose the list!
  • If you’re storing in an attic or smaller space that’s more difficult to move around in, try storing your bins in the order you decorate. For example, if you know you always decorate your mantle first, those bins should be closest in reach. If the Christmas Tree is the last thing you decorate, ornaments and garland should be further back.

If you set a plan in place, accessing your holiday decorations will be painless, especially if you use your self storage unit as an extension of your home. Just keep the closest upcoming holiday’s decorations in your house, while storing the remainder in your Newbury Park storage unit. Then, you can easily switch out in a round robin manner, save space around the house, and be assured that your decorations are well kept.

What are some of your strategies Holiday Decorations? Please share with us on our Facebook. Thanks!