Hollywood Storage Center Tips: College Kid Storage

Here’s a guest post from Jeremy, a longtime Storage Consultant here at Hollywood Storage Center. You might’ve met him the last time you checked out one of our low-cost self-storage units. Let’s see what tips and tricks Jeremy has for us this time …

Happy Summer! Jeremy here, coming to you once again from Hollywood Storage Center. For my latest blog, I thought we’d talk about something super topical right now — college kids coming home on summer break. Where do you put all their stuff until they either move back to school, or — if they’ve just graduated — until they find that perfect “first apartment”?

I had a Dad come in the other day asking some of these very same questions. He knew he wanted to get his daughter (who’s about to go into her Junior year at a university in the Bay Area) a storage unit … but he wondered what size, and did I have any “expert tips” for how to pack everything in. So here are a few ideas:

+ The way to figure out how much storage space to get for your college kid is to figure in how many years he or she’s been away, and what their living situation is. Did they just finish their Freshman year and were living in a dorm room? A small unit will suffice… maybe even a 3×5. Was it a larger apartment shared with two or three others? Then, you’ll probably need something bigger, especially if your kid’s the one who is taking the sofa…

+ Consider splitting a larger unit with another family. It’s a great way to make sure you’re all be getting the best use out of a storage unit. Also, make sure to pack it efficiently. Maximize that space!

+ When packing, make sure to stack books instead of standing them end on end, and make sure to use sturdy boxes. This will protect the spines of those precious (and usually costly) textbooks. Also, utilize similarly sized and shaped boxes to make stacking within the storage unit easier.+ Finally, be sure to fill every box. Doing so will prevent the sides and top from getting “crushed in” by items placed on top. Fill in open spaces with bubble wrap, old newspaper, or even bath towels.

Whether you’ve got a student moving back to the Conejo Valley for the summer, or one who’s moving to the area permanently after graduation, we here at Hollywood Storage Center are ready to find your family the perfect low-cost self-storage unit! And don’t hesitate to contact me — or one of my fellow Storage Consultants — for more ideas … we’re ready and willing to answer your questions! See ya soon …

Thanks, Jeremy! We’re always happy to pass along your great tips to our customers and folks who are looking for a Thousand Oaks storage facility.