Decorating Christmas Tree with Ornaments and Christmas Lights

How to Keep Your Holiday Décor
Merry and Bright Year-Round

As we bid farewell to the holiday season, let’s explore how to get a head start on the 2024 edition! Imagine the happiness of rediscovering your decorations in perfect condition when the festivities return. In this blog, we’ll share tips on storing your décor effortlessly, with insights from the storage units 91320 experts at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks. Say goodbye to last-minute shopping sprees to replace missing items or untangling lights and discover the secrets to seamlessly stepping into the fun whenever the mood strikes.

Come along as we turn storing decorations into a continuous celebration, keeping your items merry and bright all year round!

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Whether it’s those adorable ornaments from a special memory or the clay handprint from the little ones, some decorations hold irreplaceable sentimental value. Proper storage becomes the key to safeguarding these items and to ensure that each item carries the emotions and stories into the next season.

As for the replaceable items, here are some added benefits to proper storage:

  • Save Money: Preserve your decorations for lasting financial savings. No more frequent replacements mean more money in your pocket.
  • Eco-friendly Impact: Extend the life of your decorations and contribute to reducing waste for a more sustainable holiday season.
  • Easy Décor Setup: Well-organized storage streamlines your decorating. By doing this, you can avoid the bother of searching – everything’s right where you need it.
  • Spontaneity Ready: Neatly stored decorations can be assessed quickly for your spur of the moment parties.

91320 storage experts share storing tips for holiday decoration. Decorating Christmas Tree with Ornaments and Christmas Lights


Improve your organization with high-quality bins that are both sturdy and transparent. This guarantees your decorations stay safe and lets you see them easily when needed. Arrange things by category—have specific bins for ornaments, lights, bows, and other decorations.

Ornament Oasis: Protecting Precious Memories

Ornaments, especially delicate glass ones, deserve careful handling. Safeguard them by storing them in their original packaging or wrapping each in tissue paper, newspaper, or bubble wrap. Make sure they stay safe by placing them in compartments within robust bins to prevent any shifting or damage during storage.

Lights Liveliness: Illuminating Tips for a Tangle-Free Setup

Banish the frustration of tangled lights with these brilliant solutions:

  • Figure-Eight Wrap: Keep lights untangled with a figure-eight wrapping technique, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
  • Tag and Label Lights: Simplify your decorating with labeled lights, indicating the length and color of each string for effortless selection.

Wreath Wisdom: Preserving Festive Greenery

  • Hang Them Right: Store wreaths by hanging them in a cool, dry place, using hooks or hangers. This helps them maintain their shape and avoids crushing delicate decorations.
  • Garment Bags Work: Slip wreaths into garment bags to shield them from dust and potential damage. Hang them in a closet or on a peg for efficient and space-saving storage.

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Now that your decorations are neatly organized, create an inventory blog to refresh your memory for the next year. This prevents unnecessary purchases for items you already have in your home. After sorting items into separate containers, maintain your organization with these tracking options:

Inventory Apps: Embrace modern convenience with digital inventory apps like Chester Software. Snap photos of your items and let the app assist you in recalling their storage locations.

Paper Trail: If you prefer a low-tech solution, craft a master list serving as your ultimate guide to stored items, preventing misplacement or forgetfulness.

We hope these tips make the process of taking down your holiday decorations enjoyable and something to anticipate for the coming year.

As you get ready to store your decorations, think about the added safety in our climate-controlled units. Here at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks, the storage units 91320 experts have your back! Whether you opt for our climate-controlled units or a standard storage unit, you can relax knowing your essentials will stay perfectly preserved. Drop by, we’re open 7 days a week from 8 AM to 6:30 PM. Turn putting away decorations into an exciting routine for the coming year with the peace of mind that your cherished items are well taken care of.