Easy Guide to a Clean, Fresh Washing Machine

Mom and son laughing near washing machine. Storage Newbury Park experts recommend maintaining a clean washer for a longer life span.

Every home appliance requires a little love and care to function. Yep, that includes your hardworking washing machine too! Even though its job is to clean, it occasionally needs a good scrub as well. So, you’re probably thinking, “How do I wash my laundry machine?” Lucky for you, our friendly team at storage in Newbury…

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Celebrate California Wine Month in Thousand Oaks

Get your corkscrews ready! California Wine Month is back this September for the 19th time! This is the perfect occasion to try some new wines from our Golden State. The best part? You don’t have to travel far. Thousand Oaks, along with its surrounding areas, is brimming with tasting rooms and wine bars that are…

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Joy Through Community Service
in Thousand Oaks & Beyond

water donations from Storage Thousand Oaks, CA

Sometimes life can fall into a predictable pattern, leaving you craving a greater sense of purpose. One helpful way to get there is through volunteering. It’s not only a great activity to make a real impact on your community, but it can also enrich you physically and emotionally by getting you active and creating social…

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Tips for Storing Furniture in Newbury Park Storage Units

A person and person holding a blue chair for Newbury Park Storage units.

Do you feel like your furniture is taking over every nook and cranny in your home? To reclaim your living space, you’ve made the wise decision to rent self-storage. But now, as you prepare to move into your unit, you find yourself asking, what’s the best way to pack and organize your furniture inside? The…

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Dorm Room Organizing Tips
from Storage Thousand Oaks

Rent a unit from Storage Thousand Oaks

It happened in the blink of an eye: the child you were helping prep for a first-grade spelling quiz only moments ago is now about to move away to college. New friends, engaging classes, and a first taste of independence await. But with this newfound freedom comes additional responsibilities, starting with your student’s dorm room…

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