HSC Expert Tips: Fun Personalized Storage Labels!

Hey guys! Amanda here! Even though I spend my days at Hollywood Storage Center, I often find myself tackling storage projects at home on the weekend — and this last weekend was no exception.

Fun Personalized Storage LabelsIf you’re anything like me, you like to add a bit of flare and style to everything in your home — even your storage! So I thought it would be fun to kick off the new year by sharing these super-stylish Free Printable Storage Labels. They’re perfect for helping you organize things in your house or office, maybe some of them could even work in your storage unit space. There are 23 different types of labels (!) that can be customized and used for just about everything. Thankfully, there are some that are sized to fit right into those clear luggage tags you can find at Target. What an easy way to help prevent wear and tear. I also recommend printing them out on card stock to make ’em extra durable.

I ended up using some cool matching ribbons to tie the labels to my various storage containers for a little extra “oomph,” but you can also use some twine (very “shabby chic”) or just some plain ol’ string (but make sure it’s relatively strong).

I also asked some friends — including a few moms — how they’d use these labels, and together we came up with these awesome suggestions:

+ I love the idea of using the labels for candy, cookie, and dog treat containers. There’s no end to how cute and funky you can make ’em! (Bonus: You’ll never mistake a cookie tin for a doggie treat tin again.)

+ The labels come in three different colors, which is a great way to help separate and organize items. Last year, I found that separating holiday decorations by color is super helpful when packing and unpacking from storage…

+ Have kids that all play the same sport and constantly mix up their equipment? Use the labels to set up personalized bins for each kid and eliminate the guessing game!

Seriously, there’s no end to what these labels can be used for … I’m kinda bummed I only found them recently… I could’ve been labeling things before 2015! LOL! Hope these helped you as much as they’ve already helped me…

This was a guest post from Amanda, a Storage Consultant here at Hollywood Storage Center – Newbury Park where we’ll beat any deal. She’s one of the friendly folks you might meet when you look into one of our self-storage units. Thanks, Amanda!

Readers: Do you have a unique way of labeling your storage? Share with us on Facebook, or post about it below!