Remodeling Help: Using Storage to Declutter

Here’s a guest post from Dion, a member of Hollywood Storage Center’s Clean Team. They’re the folks responsible for keeping the floors swept, the light bulbs bright, and the hallways and storage lockers tidy — keeping our “home” as clean as you would your own! Let’s see what kind of tips Dion has this time ’round …

Hi again, everyone! I found myself talking recently with one of our great customers, a guy who’s used one of the low-cost storage units here at Hollywood Storage Center for over 10 years. He was taking some boxes out of storage and loading them into his car, so I asked why. Turns out, he and his wife had just done a remodel on several rooms in their home, and had used their storage unit to hold a lot of items until the work was done.

I sometimes forget that our storage units are great to use on a relatively short-term basis. Here are some ideas for how to declutter your home in advance of a remodel:

– If you’re remodeling your kitchen, first remove items like utensils, plates, mugs, and glasses and place them in a box or two — labeling them “everyday items.” This will help you find them quickly post-remodel. Next, pull everything out of the cabinets and categorize; mark those boxes clearly.

– If it’s your family or “great” room that’s getting a makeover, depending on the size of your storage unit, you can bring in anything from couches to TVs (and other electronics) to lamps and boxes of books … this will get all the clutter out of the way for your contractors, and keep it safe and clean in the interim.


– Same goes for a bedroom or even a bathroom! A storage unit is a great place to keep older furniture or fixtures until you either use them again, or decide where they’ll move on to next — a garage sale, a listing on Craigslist, a charity donation, and the like …

We here at Hollywood Storage Center are ready to help with any and all of your storage needs. (And don’t forget — we sell boxes too!) My team and I are always on a mission to assure our customers that they’ll enjoy a clean and comfortable environment every time they visit! See you soon!

Thanks, Dion! We’re sure this will help a lot of our new (or repeat) storage customers the next time they remodel their home! Readers: What’s your best tip for a headache-free remodel? Post about it below.