Sanitize Your Home – Clean Team™ Supervisor at Self Storage Center Offers Advice

It’s been going around the Conejo Valley, and you’re sick of you and your family being sick! There’s nothing fun about the cold and flu season. When it appears the worst of it is over, we understand the temptation to dump a giant bucket of bleach over your house. But there’s a less extreme way to sanitize your home according to Page at Hollywood Storage Center. Page knows plenty about cleaning and sanitizing. So much, in fact, that he’s our storage facility’s Clean Team™ Supervisor!

According to Page, instead of feeling overwhelmed with the thought of finding every last invisible germ, focus on hot spot areas. Some are common sense, but some we forget. So, with Page’s help, we put together this handy list to getting your home super sanitized.

  1. It’s Handled – The best places to start disinfecting are the places your hands touch. Think about all the handles in your home. Doorknobs, drawers, faucets, cabinets. Even when you’re sick, you still need to touch them. Go room to room with a good disinfectant and give them a thorough wipe. Remember to use paper towels, not sponges or dishcloths, and toss the paper towel after a few uses.

    Self Storage Supervisor Shares Tips to Sanitize Your Home

    Sanitizing Your Home is a Snap with These Tips from Self-Storage Center Supervisor

  2. Tame Technology – Think about all those items we use every day that make our lives simpler. Cell phones, computer keyboards, laptops, tablets, remote controls are all handled frequently and are places where germs hang out. For most of these items, sparingly use alcohol or a disinfectant. If using alcohol, dilute it with water at about 50% per part. Judiciously spray onto a clean, soft cloth. Don’t spray directly or go overboard because these items don’t do well with moisture.
  3. Don’t Toy With Me – Toys can pose a challenge due to the sheer quantity and variety kids possess. Stuffed animals may be able to be laundered. Use disinfectant spray for game controls in the same way you would your other tech items. Plastic toys that don’t use batteries can go into the dishwasher. And for metal, wood and battery-operated toys, gently rub down the surface with a disinfecting wipe.
  4. The Finishing Touches – Other hot spots include wastebaskets. See to it that all contaminated trash is disposed of, and spray wastebaskets well with disinfectant. It will be time to say goodbye to old toothbrushes and replace with fresh new ones. A good round of washing all your linens in hot water and drying in the machine will make a huge difference. And, finally, wipe down your tabletops thoroughly.

With Page’s tips, getting your house germ-free will be a snap! Know what else is super simple? Finding a great storage unit at a great price! Just give the Hollywood Storage team a call; we’re always ready to help!

Self Storage Supervisor Page

Thank you to Page for sharing his germ-busting knowledge with us. If you have other tips, we’d love to hear them, so please feel free to comment.