Mom and son laughing near washing machine. Storage Newbury Park experts recommend maintaining a clean washer for a longer life span.

Easy Guide to a Clean, Fresh Washing Machine

Every home appliance requires a little love and care to function. Yep, that includes your hardworking washing machine too! Even though its job is to clean, it occasionally needs a good scrub as well. So, you’re probably thinking, “How do I wash my laundry machine?” Lucky for you, our friendly team at storage in Newbury Park is here to help! They have some handy tips and easy steps to make your machine shine and smell fresh.

Ready to become a washing machine cleaning pro? Let’s jump right in!

Mom and child looking at each other as they load the washer. Storage Newbury Park experts recommend washing light loads to help the lifespan of your machine.

The “Why” Behind Washing Machine Cleanup:

You might be wondering, “My washing machine is constantly cleaning clothes, doesn’t that mean it’s clean too?” Interestingly, it’s a bit more complex. What happens is that soap, fabric softeners, and dirt can gradually gather in hidden corners over time. This isn’t just messy looking; it can also cause your machine to have a strange odor. It can also affect how well your clothes are cleaned and potentially lessen the lifespan of your machine. That’s why experts recommend deep cleaning your washer every other month to guarantee your appliance is in tip-top shape.

Supplies for Washing Machine Cleanup:

Before you start scrubbing, you’ll need a few things. Here’s what to grab:

White Vinegar & Baking Soda: These two are a powerful duo! Vinegar tackles hard water spots and gets rid of bacteria, while baking soda is great for treating stains and neutralizing odors. Together, they’ll leave your washing machine sparkling clean.

Retired Toothbrush: Save that used toothbrush! It’s the ideal tool for accessing those hard-to-reach areas in your washing machine. It will help remove built-up dirt, soap, or lint, particularly in detergent drawers or door seals.

Soft Cloth or Microfiber Towel: This isn’t just for making the outside of your washer look good. It’s also super helpful for drying and buffing. Whether you’re wiping off soap or water spots, this cloth will make your machine shine without any streaks.

Rubber Gloves: Protect your hands with these gloves. They’ll serve as a barrier against harsh cleaners as you wipe away dirt.

Scraper Tool: This tool will help wipe away hard-to-clean dirt without damaging your machine. Plus, it’s great for reaching tricky corners and edges.

Woman cleaning outside of washer. Storage Newbury Park experts suggest wiping inside and outside regardless of your model.

How to Make Your Washing Machine Sparkle:

Ever thought about the ins and outs of your washing machine? Well, many washers have parts you can easily remove. For top loading washing machines, one of the common removable parts is the agitator. This is responsible for swishing water and clothes around in the tub. It can be beneficial to clean the agitator occasionally, though it’s worth noting that not all models allow for removal. In contrast, older front-loading washing machines have a filter designed to catch lint, coins, and other small items, preventing them from reaching the drain. Taking the time to remove and clean the filter can help ensure the machine is working at its best.

Wipe Down Interior and Exterior of Machine

Regardless of whether you have a top-loading or front-loading machine, it’s important to clean both the interior and exterior. Pay extra attention to the rubber seal since excess moisture is likely to hide there. Then wipe the detergent and bleach trays to prevent residue buildup.

Run on Sanitize

Finally, if available on your machine, run the ‘Sanitize’ cycle to rinse away any remaining dirt or germs in the wash basin.

Mom and son laughing around the washer machine. Storage Newbury Park experts share tips to keep your washer clean and ready for the next load.

Keep Your Washing Machine Happy

Now that your washer is sparkling, there are a few more things you do to help it run better. They’ll also save you a few bucks in the long run. Here’s a breakdown of some practical tips for keeping your washer in top shape:

Regular Checks and Balances

  1. Look for Leaks: If you ever notice water outside of the tub, it’s crucial to tackle the problem right away. Ignoring leaks could escalate into flooding and more significant issues over time.
  2. Keep it Stable: Ensure your washer isn’t shaky or excessively noisy. Using a tool such as a level is an easy way to confirm your machine is stable. If it’s off-kilter, it could lead to malfunctions.

Maintaining Your Washing Machine’s Health

  1. Be Mindful of Capacity: Filling your washer to the brim can place unnecessary stress on the motor, potentially shortening its lifespan. This could also lead to less thoroughly cleaned and more wrinkled clothes.
  2. Monitor Soap Usage: Soap is vital for cleaning clothes, but using too much could prevent it from fully rinsing out. This could lead to a buildup of soap in your machine.
  3. Swift Removal of Wet Clothes: It’s a good idea to remove wet clothes from the washer as soon as possible. Leaving them in for too long can result in a musty smell. You can also keep your washing machine door open for a few minutes after taking out your clothes. That way, the inside of the basin can fully dry.

We hope these tips help keep your washing machine clean and working great!

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