Summer Decluttering Tips That Will Make You Smile

Most of us have at least one drawer in our house designated as the “Official Junk Hollywood Storage Center Newbury Park Decluttering the Junk Drawer and MoreDrawer” filled with doo-dads, whatnot’s, and everything in between. But some of us have much larger areas filled with papers and other stuff. Don’t let your clutter turn summer into a bummer!

Organizing guru and author of DeCluttering Fast, Mimi Tanner, says there’s nothing more draining than living with clutter. Once you get a handle on your belongings, you’ll feel more energetic and have a positive outlook… two key ingredients in having fun this summer!

If you need organization help, here are a few fast summer de-cluttering tips to get you started:

Tip 1:  Thinking about clutter takes more time away from your life than dealing with it. Each time you look at that pile of clothes hanging on the treadmill, you actually lose your motivation to organize them. Next time you walk by the pile, stop and hang some of the clothes on hangers. This decluttering tip will make you feel good about yourself and give you more energy for fun, rewarding activities.

Decluttering Tips from Hollywood Storage Center in Newbury Park, CaliforniaTip 2:  Here at Hollywood Storage Center, we love the “Touch It Once” rule for mail and other paperwork. Everyday, open each item in your mailbox and immediately decide where each piece of paper needs to go. For example, bills go into the bill basket, coupons get cut and go into the coupon envelope, invitations go on magnets on the refrigerator, and so forth. If you use this paperwork organization system, you won’t have piles of paper lying around, and you’ll feel ready to handle everything after a day at the beach!

Tip 3:  Find places for everyday items like keys, cell phones, purses, backpacks and coats. Think: “A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place.” Setting up these special spots will greatly reduce the mental anguish of searching for misplaced things, giving you more time for friends and family.

Tip 4:  Put rarely-used seasonal items into storage. There’s no need to have boxes in your closet or garage that you only use once a year.

Tip 5:  Don’t be afraid to throw useless things away. Spend five minutes a day (or week) just tossing unimportant papers and things you don’t need. It’s amazing what you can accomplish quickly and how much better you’ll feel!

By spending a little time setting up organizational systems for your paperwork and household items, you’ll actually end up with more time to do fun activities. Ah, feel the serenity wash over you!

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