Clutter Causes Stress – Here’s What to do About It
(and how storage units can help)

Clutter… it happens to the best of us. Some of us keep it visually displayed, with piles of the kid’s artwork stacked on the coffee table. And others prefer to squeeze items into cabinets and drawers, pretending the clutter isn’t there. Either way, living in a cluttered home does cause stress and anxiety. Our storage unit experts here at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks help break down how clutter is impacting our daily health and how to combat it.

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Cortisol Levels Increase

The idea that “mess equals stress” is no joke, in fact, it’s proven that a cluttered home can be the source for feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and being out of control. However, it’s rare that we actually consider disorganized spaces a mental health trigger rather than just a bit of an aggravation. When we recognize our homes are cluttered, we may experience dramatic increases in levels of our body’s main stress hormone, cortisol. This rise of hormones can explain unexpected feelings of tension and anxiety.

Productivity Decreases

Clutter also can steal our focus and rob us of productivity. There’s a reason we feel much more ready for the day if we make our bed first thing in the morning. When there is too much clutter surrounding us, our mind succumbs to excessive stimuli. It’s simply exhausting for the brain to attempt to process every visual piece of clutter present. This over-activation can make it easy to lose our attention on any priorities we have. And with a loss of concentration, the procrastinator in each of us more easily makes an appearance and we start avoiding tasks that should be getting done, further stressing us out.

Sense of Control is Reduced

When we live in a chronically cluttered environment, we tend to feel a lack of control in our lives. This can cause us to opt for easier, and oftentimes less healthy options. This is especially true if the kitchen is a mess and can contribute to weight gain. Meaning, the dozen appliances and various items on the kitchen countertop can unknowingly factor into health choices.

Storage units, De-clutter, destress, managing stress, Hollywood Storage Center, Thousand Oaks

Decluttering 101

When time is taken to live clutter free, chances are we’re not only going to be less stressed, but also more inspired to take care of our own health.

We can find order by making small steps towards decluttering our living space. Having a check list can help even big jobs seem more manageable. To declutter:

  • Gather Moving Boxes and Trash Bags
  • Determine appropriate storage space, such as garage storage (not just boxes on the garage floor), attic space or a nearby storage unit
  • Divide your home into manageable sections
  • Clear countertops, drawers and shelves of everything you don’t use regularly, placing unessential items in storage boxes

If we tackle a portion of our home each week, the decluttering will soon be complete. For more inspiration, check out some of our other blogs for tips on how to declutter your closet and garage. Remember, when it comes to lightening your stress, less is truly more!

While on “Mission Declutter,” if you find you have too much stuff and not enough storage space, our friendly storage unit experts are here for you. At Hollywood Storage Center we offer affordable self-storage units that are perfect for helping you live your most stress-free life! We’re conveniently open every day of the week from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Happy decluttering!