App Brings Newbury Park Neighbors Together

Hey guys, it’s Lindsay. I hope you’re settling into a good rhythm for the New Year. Have you recovered from the holidays yet?

I have fond memories of being a kid and always hanging out with neighbors. Our families would share stories, throw parties, and give each other old furniture or clothes we didn’t need anymore. It was just something that happened naturally: neighbors got to know each other. Times have changed a bit now, but I found a really cool tool that has really helped me feel a part of my neighborhood again. I’ve been using it for the past couple months and was so excited that I had to share it with you!


Nextdoor is a social network platform that is divided up by neighborhood. When I created my account, I was put into a “neighborhood” based on my address. I’m a part of Cypress, but there are groups for Dos Vientos, Sun Tree, Casa Conejo, and every other neighborhood in our Conejo Valley (including yours!). I can only see posts from people who live in Cypress or surrounding neighborhoods, so it’s super local and private.

I’ve used it to get recommendations for a plumber, arrange a carpool, get info about a weird noise I heard down the street the other day, and discover events in town. It’s been a neat way to help me stay connected with my community.

As you may remember, we’re pretty passionate about the Conejo Valley community, too. With free local yearly events, food and clothing drives, and donations that support groups in all of our local neighborhoods, we’re committed to service that extends beyond providing clean low-cost self-storage units (though we do that too!). We’re located at right off the 101 Freeway at the Wendy Exit (3425 Old Conejo Road), near Newbury Park High School, and we appreciate helping all our customers from Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, and beyond.


This was a guest post from Lindsay, one of the storage consultants Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks!

She’s a friendly face you might see when you first stop by to find out about our fantastic storage units. She always knows what’s going on around the Conejo Valley! Thanks for the rundown, Lindsay!

HSC Storage Tips: Toys, Toys, Toys!

Hi again! It’s Jeremy from Hollywood Storage Center with a few new tips to help you keep up with all the latest and greatest in storage tips and trends.

Storing Your Kids' Toys“All things storage” is kinda my specialty, so I figured I could put together some tips for how to rid the house of toy-related clutter… especially after the holidays and as we enter the new year. I don’t have any kids myself, but I’ve got a bunch of friends that do. Kids love their toys (heck, I do too!), and my parent-pals are always looking for a better way to store them. There’s nothing worse than stepping barefoot on a Lego, right?

First off, SORT.

Put all those toys into three piles:

  • Keep” (for the great ones your kids still play with),
  • Donate” (for the gently-used ones that other kids will get a kick out of), and
  • Toss” (for the toys that should’ve gone into the “circular file” a couple months ago.) Bonus points if you can get the children involved; they feel a lot better about “letting go” of toys if they have a say in it and know that other kids will enjoy some of them.

Pick a place you want to store the toys

Easier said than done. Should they all go in the kid’s room? In the playroom? The living room? Organizer Pamela Macleod suggests somewhere that’s close to where they play with the toys the most.

Set up a “system” for how you want the toys cleaned up at the end of the day

Get the kids’ involvement if possible. If you model how to use the system, your kids are more likely to follow suit.

Storing Childrens' ToysShop for smaller containers without those flip-top lids

A shallower bin means children have an easier time locating a favorite toy. Label the containers so it’s easier to see what goes where. Clear bins also allow kids to see what’s inside easily.

And finally, think about investing in some dual-purpose furniture

Ottomans with removable tops are a great suggestion; they can be used as a seat—or a table for smaller folk—and can keep some toys tucked away in their off-time (even G.I. Joes and My Little Ponies need an occasional break!).

If your kids are older, but you want to keep some of their favorite toys for the future, I’ve got just the place! Hollywood Storage Center is your local one-stop-shop for clean, spacious storage and great customer service! We’re conveniently located for anyone living in the Conejo Valley, including Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village. Hope to see you soon!

Readers: Do you have any other tips for storing your kids’ toys and knickknacks? Share them below!

This was a guest post from Jeremy, a longtime Storage Consultant here at Hollywood Storage Center. You might’ve met him the last time you checked out one of our low-cost self-storage units. Thanks, Jeremy! We’re always happy to pass along your great tips to our customers. 


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HSC Organizing Tips: Holiday Decorating

The Holidays are Coming!That’s right, folks — we’re heading into the holidays! Doesn’t it seem like summer just came to an end? Anyway, Christmas is my favorite time of year; it reminds me of all the fun I had growing up in a house full of great decorations. My mom is a real nut for all things Santa! Due to my job here at the Hollywood Storage Center Newbury Park storage facility, my mother recently asked me for some organizing ideas for holiday decorating; she realized she had stored stuff all over — in various bags and baskets — and figured there’s gotta be a better way of doing things. I was happy to help!

Here are my tips for getting your decorations organized.

+ All those ornaments that are too nice to just throw in a bag — but not so nice they need their own individual boxes — can be easily stored in an old cardboard wine box! Those wine-bottle-sizes segments really hold ornaments well. (Of course, you can also buy specific “ornament boxes” at places like Target.)

Cardboard Wine Box for Ornaments+ Do you have a lot of wreaths? My mother likes making a new one for the front door of my childhood home every few years — but doesn’t like to throw the old ones away. To keep them safe, I told her to wrap them in clear plastic trash bags; tape them up; tie the top with some twine; and then hang them from the rafters in the garage. This means you can keep ’em for a while, but they’re not in your way year-’round. Tada! (You’re welcome, Mom.)

+ Everyone gets so frustrated with their holiday lights — am I right?! So here’s a fantastic “expert tip”: Instead of keeping them in what ends up as a totally tangled jumble, wrap each strand around a piece of cardboard that’s cut to fit inside one of those plastic bins you can find at most stores. You’ll never curse those lights out again!

Xmas Light Storage+ Lastly, if you’re like my mom (and sister!) and love to wrap gifts, I found a great gift wrap organizer that’s so thin, you can even store it under your bed or hang it behind the laundry room door! Check out the Gift Wrap Work Station from The Container Store … I think I know what I’m getting my mom for her birthday!

These expert holiday organizing tips will definitely keep you from becoming a “Grinch” next time you need to decorate for the season! And don’t forget — if you don’t have room to store all those precious holiday trimmings at home, come see us at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks about one of our low-cost self-storage units. We’re close by, and ready to help! Hope to see ya soon!

This was a guest post from Will, a Storage Consultant here at Hollywood Storage Center. Not only is Will an expert on “all things storage,” he prides himself on learning all the best home organization tips. Thanks, Will! Readers: Have any of your own holiday organizing ideas? Post about them below!