Boosting Holiday Self-Care from Self Storage Thousand Oaks

‘Tis the Season!

The month of December is usually a busy one as many of us celebrate various holidays and start preparing for a new year. As a result, it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of go-Go-GO! Our self storage Thousand Oaks team is here to remind you to press pause just a bit and care for YOU. That’s right! Setting aside some moments to try new things or do something that brings you joy can boost your spirit and help you stay jolly through this fun but stressful time. To get you started, your friends at Hollywood Storage Center have prepared a list of small things you can do to recharge this season.

6 Easy Self-Care Strategies for the Holidays

Especially this time of year, getting a solid night’s sleep is one of the best ways to refresh our bodies and minds. If getting to sleep or staying asleep is a challenge, consider introducing things that help create the right environment. You can sip on some calming herbal tea, use a weighted blanket, spray your pillow with some lavender and rosemary essential oils, or get lost in a book.

Make a Special Playlist!
Sometimes there is no better therapy than your favorite tunes. Music promotes wellness, it helps manage stress, as well as boost motivation. Depending on the mood you wish to create, oldies but goodies may be the way to go. Or why not explore and try something new? (Hello, Spotify!)

Have a Picnic!
With so many grab-and-go options at our local markets, treating yourself to a favorite meal or snack and going outdoors is an easy way to unwind for a few minutes. Taking a lunch away from the office and visiting a park is a great way to carve out some – you – time to recharge. We like to keep a blanket and a pair of walking shoes in the trunk for outings just like this.

Buy Yourself Flowers!
Um, because you deserve it! Enough said.

Start a Gratitude Journal!
One of the best ways to get through this month, (and every month thereafter) is to spend five minutes a day jotting down positive thoughts. Include things you’re grateful for, as well as items you’re pleased to have accomplished. Staying aware of the good things around you is always great for the spirit.

Opt out!
You don’t have to say yes to everything. And during a season when we always put others first, doing so at the expense of our own physical or mental energy can deplete us. So, prioritize the things that really matter. A simple “Sorry, I’m already booked,” works wonders.

Relax Your Way!
Whether you like to go for scenic drives, meditate, or stay in for a warm bath, take the time to just relax. These simple moments of peace will reenergize you and make holiday responsibilities easier to handle. Breathe in slowly, hold, breathe out, and repeat. You got this!

We hope these ideas encourage you to slow down and care for yourself this holiday season.

At self storage Thousand Oaks, we’re so grateful to be part of this community. We’re also proud to offer the lowest-price guaranteed on storage units that are perfect for helping you live your most stress-free life!

We want to wish all of our guests, from Agoura Hills to Camarillo, a healthy and happy December!

Holiday Happenings from Your Newbury Park Storage Experts

‘Tis the Season! Our Newbury Park storage experts love this time of the year. Snow may not be our thing here, but the team at Hollywood Storage Center doesn’t need a white Christmas to get into the spirit. All it takes is a list of fun winter things to do. And with plenty to offer in and around the Conejo Valley, we’re sure you’ll find a jolly good time. So pack the hot cocoa and check out these holiday happenings.

Conejo Valley


Now through December 21stPet Photos with Santa – Thousand Oaks

We know your fur-babies are part of the family too, so of course you want to include them in your pawliday cards! All you need to do is make a reservation, then head over to The Oaks mall with your floof (and their wish list) for a free visit with Santa Paws! Photo packages are optional and will be available for purchase.


December 28thMagical Cirque Christmas – Thousand Oaks

Check out this spectacular holiday production with dazzling performers, amazing cirque artists and live holiday music at the Fred Kavli Theatre. Funny magician Lucy Darling will be your hostess for a perfect evening of entertainment for the entire family.

Magical Cirque Christmas

Beyond the Conejo Valley


Now through December 24thChristmas on the Farm – Moorpark

We love our friends at Underwood Family Farms. Each year they offer a family-friendly experience that includes lots of farm animals, tractor-drawn wagon rides, reindeer, Elf training, arts and crafts and so much more! Weekend admission includes a visit with Santa.  Advance ticket purchases are recommended.


Now through December 31stHoliday Road – Calabasas

If you missed King Gillette Halloween event in October, you’re in luck. Holiday Road LA is making a stop for a month of festivities with a fun self-guided walking trail, tasty food, and gifts. You’ll find huge holiday displays, plenty of twinkling lights, and more candy canes than you’ll know what to do with! To join the fun simply pick a day and time slot to visit. Then when you arrive, treat yourself to a spiked cocktail at the Holiday Bar and take it on the trail. With so many photo opportunities along the way, we’re pretty sure your Insta reel will be a stunner!


Now through January 9, 2022 – Christmas Around the World – Simi Valley

A unique collection of Christmas trees is on display now at the Ronald Reagan Library. Each tree celebrates one of the 26 countries President Reagan visited during his time in office, decorated in the traditional style of the region. Also on exhibit is a special assortment of hand-crafted Menorahs gifted to R. Reagan throughout his presidency. Admission tickets are available online.


Feeling the holiday spirit? Us too!!


We’d love to hear about your favorite holiday activity, so please share with us when you drop by. Need a little extra room to store your seasonal décor after all the fun has passed? At Newbury Park storage, we have storage units in over 50 sizes and are sure to find one that works for you. We offer the Lowest Price – Guaranteed.

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays!

Go Gnome for the Holidays From Self Storage Thousand Oaks

When the weather outside still feels like Summer it can be hard to believe the holidays are on their way. But, have no fear! Our Self Storage Thousand Oaks team discovered a silly DIY tree gnome to perk up your front porch and bring some fun to the neighborhood. The best part? With just a simple change of material, this must-try evergreen will welcome everyone to your ‘gnome’ no matter the time of year.

Front Porch Gnome Tree

To get started, round up these tools & materials:

  • 1-2 potted upright, triangular shrubs/trees (we love juniper!) Artificial or Live? You Decide!
  • 1-2 tall white kitchen trash bags
  • 1 roll of chicken wire (1” x 3 ft. or 1” x 4 ft.) depending on the size of your tree
  • Scissors
  • Handful of Batting
  • 1 piece pre-cut fabric of your choice to represent the gnome’s nose
  • 4” wide Ribbon of your choice
  • Roll of 1mm craft wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Safety gloves

Prepare Your Gnome

Create a cylinder of chicken wire around the pot and lower section of the tree.

Starting from the base, wrap the pot and about 3-4” of the evergreen with chicken wire, then trim with a wire cutter Wrap the edges of the chicken wire together with craft wire to connect and hold the cylinder together around the pot/tree

Make the Beard

In this step, cut long strips of the trash bag.

Grab the trash bag and cut off the sides, top and along the bottom seam to open it upThen, cut 1.5” – 2” wide stripsTake a strip and fold in half. Then loop it through the chicken wire

Continue looping to fill in the shape of the beard

Make sure to leave 4” at the Top of the chicken wire

Make the Hat Band

Take your ribbon and place it over the top edge of chicken wire to cover your strips, then secure with craft wire

Create the Nose

Take a handful of batting and wrap it in the square piece of fabric

Twist the ball closed with craft wire

Hint: the more imperfect and unusually rounded, the better! Afterall, a gnome’s nose is the silliest part!

Secure the nose to the tree with craft wire just between the ribbon and beginning of the strips


Top it off

Make a pom pom from the ribbon and secure to the top of the evergreen with craft wire.

Hint: To make a great gnome, it helps to gather some of the evergreen branches and twist them into a bunch at the top using your craft wire


Voila! Now you’re ready to show them off! Set them apart or together on your front porch.

Then, when it’s time to change holidays, simply swap out the ribbon and these silly guys are ready to welcome everyone ‘gnome’ no matter what time of year!


We love creating fun DIY projects. If you do too, but find your home is unable to accommodate the space to work on them, consider self storage in Thousand Oaks. We offer the first month free and the Lowest Price-Guaranteed in the Conejo Valley. Transferring items away from your home will allow you to spread out your DIY supplies so you can have more fun this holiday season!

6 Functional Garage Updates From Newbury Park Storage

Garages were designed to provide space for parking. But they’re also known to function as a utility room, workshop, equipment storage area, and more. If you’re like us, you might be neglecting that bonanza of a space! In order to take full advantage of your garage, our Newbury Park storage team curated 6 simple, low-cost updates that can add some much-needed useability.

Tackling the Garage:

Free up floor space!

Garage interiors often become a catchall zone, leaving the floor in a chaotic mess! We know it can be overwhelming to get started, so we recommend working with a small section at a time. Take inventory of everything that has accumulated, sorting items by category to help you determine how they should be put away. Then, when you’re done, blow out any remaining floor debris and marvel at the impact a clean floor can make!

Fix a cracked concrete floor

It shouldn’t be a surprise that concrete slabs crack over time. Small existing veins aren’t exactly something to lose sleep over. But, if those tiny imperfections become deep pits or grow larger, then it’s time to fill them. Head to your local hardware store and locate the concrete resurfacing section. Fill the cracks with mortar or use a self-leveling sealer and in just one weekend your damaged garage floor is near-new again!

Create organizational zones

Set a dedicated area for sorted items that will stay in the garage. Our favorite kind of organizer is a Slatwall panel. They give walls a clean, textured look without having to paint and leave your floor and ceiling areas clear. Add hooks, brackets, and multiple compartment bins, and you’ve got a clear, visual zone for all things utility. We adore these fun options from Amazon.

Insulate your garage door

Warm weather and extra appliances can increase temperatures in your garage. Alternatively, a chilly day or two will also move the needle in the opposite direction. That means you lose energy and still pay for it. Yuck! Reduce energy loss by filling in all those gaps to the outside. Especially if your space has windows. Then, move to insulate the garage door. We like options such as reflective insulation. These thin, rigid panels work well for doors that open and close a lot.

Install new lighting

Unless a light goes bad, we rarely think about illuminating the garage. But, depending on how you use your space, there are great ways to make improvements. For example, updating bulbs to LED will improve efficiency and lower energy bills. We’ve even tried LED strip tape lighting around the perimeter and under the steps. It provides the extra visibility you need so it’s easier to find your way around! For our DIY friends, we recommend task lighting. These fixtures are specially designed to direct light for detailed projects.

Add some tech!

Adding smart measures to your space can certainly increase convenience and boost safety. Garage door openers now include features like monitoring alerts, alarms, and support to open or close doors. The best part? Control can be operated through Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.  Smart lights are another techy choice that can be controlled through a smartphone. We love how easy it is to dim, lighten, or even schedule lights to turn on or off.

Improving the functionality of your garage doesn’t mean you have to take on a big project or spend a lot of money. With some simple, affordable updates you can become the garage genius you’ve always known you are. And, if you’re ready to move all those items off the floor and away from your home, we can offer a Place for the Things You Love. Whether you need a lot or a little storage room, at Newbury Park Storage we’re proud to offer 50+ unit sizes.