The Importance of Electronic Recycling

Did you know that Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks offers free, responsible electronic recycling? It’s a service we provide for the convenience of our community and it also has a secondary benefit. Proceeds from our electronic recycling program go toward college scholarships for local graduating seniors. And while helping these young students is reason enough to recycle electronics, there are many others. Let us share a few:

Electronic Recycling at Newbury Park Storage Facility

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Storage Facility Staff Shares Strategies for a Super-Clean Floor

If you’ve been putting off giving your floors an extra good cleaning, we’ve got some inspiration for you. The storage facility staff at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks has shared their strategies for getting your floors to their sparkling best.

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Sanitize Your Home – Clean Team™ Supervisor at Self Storage Center Offers Advice

It’s been going around the Conejo Valley, and you’re sick of you and your family being sick! There’s nothing fun about the cold and flu season. When it appears the worst of it is over, we understand the temptation to dump a giant bucket of bleach over your house. But there’s a less extreme way to sanitize your home according to Page at Hollywood Storage Center. Page knows plenty about cleaning and sanitizing. So much, in fact, that he’s our storage facility’s Clean Team™ Supervisor!

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