The Importance of Electronic Recycling

Did you know that Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks offers free, responsible electronic recycling? It’s a service we provide for the convenience of our community and it also has a secondary benefit. Proceeds from our electronic recycling program go toward college scholarships for local graduating seniors. And while helping these young students is reason enough to recycle electronics, there are many others. Let us share a few:

Electronic Recycling at Newbury Park Storage Facility

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Create Study Space for Success – Tools from Your Thousand Oaks Storage Team

Summer break is over and most students in the Conejo Valley are already bringing home crazy amounts of homework. Our Thousand Oaks storage team suggests setting your student up for success by setting up a designated at-home study spot.

According to an Iowa State Daily article, studies show that consistency and familiarity that comes with studying in a regular spot does help students do better in school.  But all study spots aren’t created equal! We have a feeling kids do their best work in a structured space rather than lying on their bed with their laptop propped up on a pillow. So, here are a few ideas on how to create this space within a manageable budget.

One of the bigger challenges when creating space for studying is simply finding room. Our kids’ bedrooms aren’t typically that large, and other rooms may be full of furniture. Consider rearranging one of your home’s living spaces to accommodate a small desk on one wall or in a corner.  Remember, it isn’t forever and it could actually keep your home better organized. If you have too much furniture, you could rent a small storage unit at Hollywood Storage Center to temporarily keep items that won’t fit. We’re building great minds, so the effort is worth it!

Storage team photo of shared living room/study space

A Shared Living Room/Study Space is Possible and Still Looks Great

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Selling Your Home: Moments in Life When You Need Storage Units

Ask any real estate agent about staging your house for a quick sale and they’ll likely tell you, an uncluttered home often results in an earlier offer. It’s why so many people come to Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks for storage units when they’re selling their home. Moving excess items into a storage unit and out of your home will make every room seem larger and that’s appealing to home buyers. Our friendly storage consultants work with several local Realtors whose clients are ready to declutter their soon-to-be-on-the-market homes and shared these staging tips with us.

Where to Declutter:

  • Living Spaces – Large furniture makes living spaces feel tightly packed. But, if you remove a few items, the rooms feel much more open. You may need those extra pieces of furniture for long-term living but can probably live without them temporarily if it means a quick sale and a higher offer.

    Storage Unit Specialists Show Staged Living Space

    A smaller dining room table create the illusion of a larger space

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Clean Out Your Pantry – Tips from Your Newbury Park Self-Storage Experts

With the New Year in full swing, getting serious about getting healthy is on a lot of minds in the Conejo Valley. Eating right is key, so we asked the Newbury Park Self-Storage experts at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks for some tips on cleaning out your pantry for a healthier 2018.

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